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Rotation Schedule

Our program is structured to facilitate direct learning from faculty. We collaborate with residents to continuously improve the educational value of our rotations. Generous amounts of elective time and flexibility also allows residents to tailor their educational experience.

Example Schedule

In addition to the full spectrum of standard otolaryngology- head and neck surgical procedures, our residents are actively involved in the following:

  • Microvascular Reconstruction: 40-50 microvascular free flaps per year in our department.
  • Facial Feminization Surgery: over 200 cases annually including frontal cranioplasty, hairline advancement, browlift, rhinoplasty, mandibuloplasty, lip lift/augmentation and chondrolaryngoplasty.
  • Cosmetic Facial Plastic Surgery: Botox, fillers, mini and full facelifts,  laser resurfacing,  browlifts, eyelid surgery and over 150 rhinoplasties per year.
  • Facial Nerve Rehabilitation: Botox therapy, nerve transfer procedures and Gracilis free flaps.
  • Craniofacial Surgery: cleft lip, cleft palate and microtia reconstruction surgeries.
  • Skeletal Dysplasia Clinic: caring for patients with achondroplasia, mucopolysaccharidoses, and osteogenesis imperfecta.
  • Sleep Surgery: palate surgery, tongue base surgery, hypoglossal nerve stimulator implantation, and maxillomandibular advancement.
  • Facial Trauma: We are a referral center and our residents care for these patients with our maxillofacial surgery team.
  • Oculoplastics Surgery: Our residents have the opportunity to operate with our oculoplastics surgeon on eyelid reconstruction and endoscopic DCR and orbital decompression
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