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Family Medicine

Sub-Internship at Kaiser Napa-Solano

Our Mission

The Kaiser Permanente Napa-Solano Family Medicine Residency Program provides:

  • Outstanding training in full-spectrum Family Medicine that balances the best in cutting-edge, innovative technology and evidence-based practice with humanistic care, preparing graduates to excel in any practice setting and to be leaders and innovators in medicine.
  • Training that celebrates the diverse background of our patient population and embraces diversity in our faculty and residents, aspiring to achieve racial, economic, and social justice through equitable care that leads to improved individual and community health.
  • A model and inspiration for Family Medicine residency programs, physicians, and medical students nationwide as the best place to train, work, and receive holistic care.

We are firmly committed to diversity and inclusion in our residency program and in our work to create a workforce that mirrors the communities we serve. Our commitment to inclusion includes race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience. We believe diversity drives innovation, creates stronger teams, and leads to better medical outcomes.

We are excited to offer 4-week Family Medicine Sub-Internships for eligible medical students in the following tracks:

Full-Spectrum Family Medicine

One of the strongest draws to a career in family medicine is being able to “do everything” for your patients. In this elective, students will work along-side our family doctors who do it all: prenatal care, obstetrics, newborn nursery, pediatric care, inpatient adult medicine, women’s health, outpatient procedures and community medicine. You will spend time in our full-scope outpatient family medicine clinic, work several shifts in our labor and delivery unit (primarily night and weekend shifts for more 1-on-1 experience with our attendings), round on infants in the well-baby nursery and work with residents on our adult inpatient residency hospital team (~1 week).

Family Medicine Inpatient Focus

A combination elective providing family medicine in both inpatient and outpatient settings.  You will spend 2 weeks working in our outpatient family medicine clinic alongside residents and faculty.  Additionally, you will spend at least 2 weeks working on our family medicine resident adult hospital team caring for patients who are acutely ill in the hospital.  A great way to know our residency and experience the ‘bread and butter’ of family medicine in our full-spectrum outpatient clinics and caring for hospitalized adults with our team of residents.

Community Health

At the heart of our residency training philosophy, is the development of an in-depth understanding of community health and the social determinants of health. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed much of the world, including how we as family physicians meet the needs of the community we serve. Students will have clinical and non-clinical opportunities to learn and practice community health. You will be providing clinical care and working on community projects at Kaiser Permanente in Vallejo and with our affiliated community partners.

See our family medicine website for further information.

How to Apply

If you are interested in a resource on how to ask for letters of recommendation, read an article published by Kaiser Permanente Norther California’s Director of Undergraduate, Graduate, and Continuing Medical Education, Dr. Ted O’Connell.

Our application is accessible by searching Kaiser NCAL – Napa/Solano in VSAS/VSLO.

If you encounter any difficulty with the VSAS/VSLO application process, fee or have any questions about the opportunity, please contact our residency program assistant, Gilbert Garces by email or phone (707) 651-5628.

We are committed to social justice and understand the financial hardships associated with medical education.


Current third-year medical students in good standing are encouraged to apply for the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Scholarship by clicking here.

Scholarship recipients will be encouraged to participate in a one-month clerkship at Kaiser Permanente in Northern California during their fourth year of medical school.

Medical Student Opportunities at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa

We proudly offer a wide range of medical student rotations at our medical center. Medical students and residents have been rotating at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa for more than a decade. If you are a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd year student who may be interested in applying to our Family Medicine residency program, we encourage you to peruse our website, come meet us at the AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students in Kansas City, and consider applying for one of our 4th year Family Medicine elective rotations in the spring of your 3rd year. We welcome medical students to apply for our student programs and experience the breadth and depth of Family Medicine in our residency Family Medicine Center, and in the busy community setting of Sonoma County.

Students in our 4th year electives will work one on one with residency faculty to care for and follow patients across the medical center, providing full scope care, including pediatrics, women’s health/prenatal care, geriatrics, and procedures in our fully integrated medical home. Students will experience Kaiser’s innovative, team-based approach to preventive care, health education, and population management, as well as its use of cutting edge technology, such as video visits and teledermatology.

More Information

We offer three different 4th year Family Medicine electives on VSAS/VSLO, and can tailor experiences to fit students’ interests. For more information, please contact our Program Administrator, Kim Eisert, at or (707) 393-4015.

Healthcare is changing at a rapid rate, and Kaiser Permanente is at the leading edge. Students will see patients in our Family Medicine Center with residency faculty, delivering full-scope care and using evidence-based medicine, population management, and the power of our integrated, team-based model with ready access to specialists to provide optimal healthcare (not just sick-care!) Students will be given a small panel of high risk patients whom they will follow in partnership with nurses, pharmacists, and clinical health educators, and will also have the opportunity to round on newborns, work in the Sports Medicine clinic, and participate in a variety of group visits and health education classes.

At Kaiser Permanente, “thrive” isn’t just a slogan; it’s a way of life. Integrative Medicine is a cornerstone of our new Family Medicine residency at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa. This 4th year elective will focus on healthcare that supports and honors the whole person. Students will work closely with our integrative medicine faculty physicians as well as acupuncturists, nutritionists, physical therapists, and health educators in a variety of classes, including yoga and mindfulness-based stress reduction. There will be an opportunity to tailor the rotation to individual interests. Students will learn how family physicians can successfully integrate complementary approaches into a busy primary care practice.

Kaiser Permanente is committed to providing culturally competent care to the communities we serve. 4th year medical students who are passionate about Latino health will have the opportunity to serve the quickly growing Latino population in Sonoma County. Students will work in Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa’s award winning “La Clinica” with our faculty physicians, gaining exposure to the breadth of health issues faced by Latino patients and improving their medical Spanish skills. This experience will demonstrate the positive impact Kaiser’s integrated, population-based healthcare system can have on maximizing the total health of a community.

La Salud Permanente is a regionally-sponsored elective for 4th year medical students and residents who want to contribute to Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to diversity. For more information and to apply, please visit La Salud Permanente Latino Health Elective.

UCSF Family and Community Medicine: Third year UCSF Medical Students rotate year-round, longitudinally, with us in their Family and Community Medicine Clerkships. These students train in a Family Medicine continuity practice at both Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa and Rohnert Park sites.

Touro University-California: Since 2010, we have been an academic affiliate of Touro University-CA, College of Osteopathic Medicine, providing core rotations for a complement of 3rd year medical students.

Sub-Internship at Kaiser San Jose

Kaiser Permanente is a leader in healthcare delivery with a robust EMR system and team based approach. This rotation is open to 4th year medical students who are eager to learn and participate in full scope Family Medicine. Students will see patients in our Family Medicine clinic with both residency faculty and residents. The patient demographic is quite diverse from both an ethnic and socioeconomic scale. This sub-I experience can be tailored to cater to the student’s learning objectives with opportunities in women’s health, inpatient/outpatient medicine, and community medicine.

La Salud Permanente

Kaiser Permanente San Jose provides care to the largest Spanish speaking only population in the region. As a mission, we have stressed the importance of delivering culturally competent care to our members. A special rotation centering on Latino care has been created specifically to satisfy these efforts. A Spanish speaking module where integrated health care delivered by Spanish speaking pharmacists, health educators, medical assistants and nurses has been created in the family medicine department. Students will spend a majority of their time seeing patients in this module. Opportunities to visit local churches, termed in our mobile health van to provide care to members, termed “Care beyond our walls” along with Spanish immersion courses are available depending on the season. The application for this program can be found here.

We Offer Scholarships

Underrepresented in Medicine (URiM) Scholarship Information

2024 URiM Diversity Scholarship Description

Students seeking sub-internship experiences at Kaiser San Jose and who are passionate about promoting diversity and eliminating healthcare disparities are encouraged to apply for a Medical Student Diversity Scholarship. To promote our medical center’s mission to enhance diversity and to help defray the costs of housing, airfare, and other expenses which can make away rotations prohibitive, Kaiser San Jose  is offering scholarships of up to $1,500 to senior medical students wishing to pursue fourth-year rotations in Family Medicine or Psychiatry at our medical center. Recipients will be selected based on their record of promoting diversity and inclusion. Thank you for your interest in our programs. We hope to hear from you soon!

More Information

For more information and an application, please visit VSAS/VSLO or contact our residency program coordinator, Rachel Gee by email or phone 669-214-8197.

Sub-Internship at Kaiser Sacramento

Family Medicine is a specialty that not only provides continuing and comprehensive health care for the individual, but also for every member of the family (from prenatal to pediatrics to geriatrics). Kaiser Permanente Greater Sacramento Valley Family Medicine Residency offers a sub-internship for 4th years who are looking to experience true “full spectrum” family medicine. The student will be given a unique experience that will incorporate Inpatient Medicine, Labor & Delivery, Newborn Nursery, Gynecology Clinic, Procedure Clinic, and Adult and Family Medicine Clinic into his/her weekly schedule. Students will be able to put all the knowledge they learned from their 3rd year clerkships into one compact, intense, and fun sub-internship to truly experience the full scope of the Family Medicine Physician.

More Information

For more information and an application, please visit VSAS/VSLO or contact our Family Medicine Residency Program at (916)497-3019 or email

La Salud Permanente Latinx Health Elective

Learning in Greater Sacramento Valley

Partner with our team of doctors at Salud en Español and our community of providers and staff at our Downtown Commons Medical Offices in Sacramento. You will be front and center, providing integrated care alongside our multidisciplinary team. Rotations will include shadowing and hands-on experiences with Patient Assistance, Health Education, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Chronic Conditions Management, and other affiliates. A large component of the elective will include a community-centered approach, working with underserved populations, recognizing the role of environmental and social determinants on health and wellness. You will be part of the action as community agencies tackle COVID-19, diabetes, mental health, homelessness, and other issues that affect the Latinx community. The elective will also provide an opportunity to work on a project, tailored by you and your preceptor(s), to draw new insight and understanding on a topic of interest.

In Sacramento County and West Sacramento in Yolo County, the Hispanic/Latinx population represents roughly 30% of the broader community. At the Downtown Commons Medical Offices, we see 17% of our members self-report as Hispanic/Latinx, with surrounding areas from Davis to Sacramento, 16% and 14%, respectively. This amounts to 51,257 members in the Sacramento area. In the Roseville and Sacramento areas, we take care of 94,843 Latinx members.

Thriving in Greater Sacramento Valley

Living in the Greater Sacramento Valley, you will be within driving distance of some of California’s most popular attractions, including Lake Tahoe, Napa Valley wine country, San Francisco, and Yosemite National Park. Based in our state’s capital, our program is headquartered at our Downtown Commons Medical Offices, in the heart of Sacramento’s vibrant, emerging city center, boasting sports and entertainment at Golden 1 Center, craft breweries, coffee houses and a host of farm-to-table restaurants within walking or biking distance.

  • Location: Salud en Español, Downtown Commons Medical Offices in Sacramento; Greater Sacramento Community areas
  • Requirement: Spanish-speaking 4th year medical student or PGY2 resident and above
  • Duration: 4 weeks

Learn more about La Salud Permanente Latinx Health Elective and apply here.



Kaiser Napa-Solano and Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park accept students for third year Family Medicine clerkships. Please contact your school’s rotation coordinator to set up a rotation.

Touro University

Kaiser Napa-Solano and Santa Rosa/Rohnert Park accept students for third year Family Medicine clerkships. Please contact your school’s rotation coordinator to set up a rotation.

Stanford University

Kaiser Napa-Solano accepts students for third year Family Medicine clerkships. Please contact your school’s rotation coordinator to set up a rotation.

UC Davis

UCDavis ACE-PC students rotate at Kaiser Napa-Solano and Santa Rosa for Family Medicine clerkship.

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