Kaiser Permanente has been committed to providing culturally responsive, prevention-focused health care to patients for over 65 years. Our integrated, technologically advanced, outcomes-based clinical care has been applauded by health experts across the nation. We are especially pleased to invite students and residents to experience our unique care delivery and learn about our ongoing commitment to the communities we serve.

The La Salud Permanente Latino Health Elective offers Spanish-speaking 4th year U.S. medical school students and residents (PGY2 and above) who are passionate about Latino health a unique opportunity in several Northern California locations.

Over the course of the highly personalized 2-4 week program, you will use Spanish to work with primary care physicians and care for patients. You will experience our integrated system, use the latest in health technology, and learn from physicians who are committed to providing high quality patient care. We will tailor your experience to suit your areas of interest. For example, you could participate in community health events, work within our Division of Research, help create cutting-edge patient resources, or pilot a performance improvement project in a specific area.

The program is offered in five medical centers in Northern California: Fresno, Napa, San Jose, Santa Rosa and Vacaville. Each participant will work with an enthusiastic and dedicated preceptor.

Spanish-speaking medical students or residents who demonstrate a superior interest in primary care and contributing to advancements in culturally-sensitive care are encouraged to apply.

Elective opportunities are available at the following locations:


La Salud Permenante Fresno Kaiser elective for 4th year medical students and residents offers a unique opportunity to join our “familia” of family practice doctors in caring for a diverse Latino population in an urban and rural setting. Our “doctorcitos” will explore and use our integrated medical services to provide high quality and culturally appropriate care to our working urban Fresno Latino population and to our largely Latino farm worker population in Selma. Additional experiences will involve community outreach and community education by partnering with various local organizations. Each student will also be paired with a mentor to work on a project of his/her choice which will be presented at the end of the elective. With over 50% of our population being Latino, La Salud Permanente Fresno Kaiser Elective offers a great opportunity to dive feet first into the Latino Culture and to utilize our innovative health care system to improve the lives of our Latino patients.

Learn more about the Fresno Medical Center here.


Jesus Rodriguez, MD
Maria Cifuentes-Butler, MD
Victor Silva, MD


The La Salud Permanente Napa Medical Offices Primary and Community Care rotation offers the learner a unique opportunity to experience the quality and integrated care at Kaiser Permanente with additional experiences at community partners such as OLE’ Health FQHC, County of Napa Public Health, NEWS and home visits with StopFalls Napa Valley. Additional components will include didactics with Vallejo KP Family Medicine Residency, outreach at community or winery health fairs, farmworkers clinic (seasonal) and a project focusing on the learner’s area of interest or passion.

Learn more about the Napa Medical Center here.


Andrea Clarke, MD
Charles Clary, DO
Daniel Rios, MD
Roxanna Mundy, MD
Laura Debrot-Marcano, MD

San Jose:

San Jose is home to an ethnically diverse population with 34.2% Asian, 32.8% Hispanic, 26.7% White, 2.8% African American and 3.5% other ethnicities. This ethnic diversity is also reflected in the patient population of the Kaiser Permanente San Jose Medical Center. While in San Jose, La Salud Permanente students will become part of a team of Family Physicians and Ancillary staff who are committed to understanding our Latino patients’ social, political, cultural, and economic contexts which influence their health and well being. Students will not only learn to characterize the challenges faced by our Latino community, but also understand their strengths and how these strengths help protect them. In addition, students will have the opportunity to utilize online, print and video tools that have been specifically designed to address the health needs of our Latino community. Finally, rotating students will be able to advance their conversational and medical spanish through daily use in primary care clinic, health education classes and community events.

Learn more about the San Jose Medical Center here.


Alec Uy, MD
Melissa Liu, MD
Edan Wernik, MD
Monica Donovan, MD
Jacob Evans, MD
Sandra Torres, MD
Adam Bolour, MD
Sergio Gonzalez, MD
Kevin Haggerty, MD

Santa Rosa:

La Salud Permanente Latino Health Elective at Santa Rosa is for 4th year medical students and residents who are passionate about Latino health and want to contribute to Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to diversity. Our 2-4 week elective offers a wide variety of educational experiences spanning the life of our members. Learners will be immersed in our award-winning Latino Center, working side by side with our Family Medicine physicians and within our inter-professional team to provide patient-centered care. Students will participate in our Latino Patient Advisory Council, maximize our population-based programs that leverage technology to promote prevention and maximize health with our at-risk populations, and much more. Each learner will be assigned an enthusiastic and dedicated mentor who will work with them to develop a project that will be presented at the end of the elective. Kaiser Permanente La Salud Permanente Latino Health Elective at Santa Rosa offers exposure to an integrated health care system that values collegiality, prevention, technology, and a diverse work force to obtain quality outcomes for its Latino members and the community. We look forward to introducing fourth year medical students and residents to the health care system of tomorrow that focuses on both professional and personal growth for those who have a passion for medicine and diversity.

Learn more about the Santa Rosa Medical Center here.


Patricia Hiserote, DO
Kate Feibusch, MD


Kaiser Vacaville

Learn more about the Vacaville Medical Center and the Napa-Solano area here.


Michael Molina, MD
Maria Ochoa, MD
Deborah Esteves, MD
Matthew Rosenberg, MD
Maziar Shirazi, MD
Yauvana Gold, MD
Josette Kohn, MD

Applicant Criteria

  • Applications must be received by March 31, 2018.
    • NOTE: If applying to rotate to Napa during the month of March or April 2018,  your application must be received by January 31, 2018.
  • Be a 4th year medical student or PGY2 or above resident with elective time in good academic standing. A letter from the Dean or Program Director is required. NOTE: Only U.S. Medical Schools and residency programs are being considered at this time.
  • The passion to provide quality, culturally-sensitive care to our Latino communities.
  • Participant must be fluent in Spanish.
  • Complete the application below and include the following: craft a personal statement illustrating your commitment to improve quality outcomes in the Latino community, attach your CV and your Dean’s letter.
  • If traveling from out of state, you must make your own travel and housing arrangements for your stay in Northern California.
  • Be available for a pre-screening phone interview to assess Spanish fluency.

How to Apply:

Applications are now open to candidates who see an opportunity to learn from the largest world-class integrated health care delivery system, and to contribute to the health of our Latino communities. Students traveling from out of state may receive a travel stipend of up to $3,000* to cover airfare and housing costs.

The application is currently closed. Please check back November 2017.

If you have questions about this elective opportunity, please contact Michelle Loaiza.