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About Us

Residency Programs

Kaiser Permanente Northern California residency programs have been in existence since 1947.

Residency Programs


Our Northern California medical centers sponsor several independent fellowship programs.

Fellowship Programs

Medical Students

We offer 4th year medical students the opportunity to participate in various clerkships in the departments of Internal Medicine, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, and Podiatric Surgery.

Pre-Medical Students

Pre-medical students in our pathway programs have the opportunity to follow their own path to medicine while gaining mentorship, leadership skills and development, and research support.

Our Program Locations

Looking for Regional Contacts?

Our training programs provide cutting-edge academic training and humanistic care in a world-class integrated health care system. We are committed to diversity and inclusion in our training programs and with a goal of creating a healthcare workforce that mirrors the communities we serve. We believe diversity creates stronger teams and leads to improved outcomes.

Ted O’Connell, MD, FAAFP
Director of Undergraduate, Graduate, and Continuing Medical Education

If you want a peek at what the future of U.S. health care might look like, visit your nearest Kaiser Permanente facility.

Investor’s Business Daily, August 2009

If we could actually get our health-care system across the board to hit the efficiency levels of a Kaiser Permanente or a Cleveland Clinic or a Mayo or a Geisinger, we actually would have solved our problems.

President Barack Obama, Time Magazine Interview, July 2009

When people talk about the future of health care, Kaiser Permanente is often the model they have in mind.

New York Times, March 2013
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