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Resident Wellness

Institutional Wellness Programs

Residents & Fellows

  • Depression is a real—and common—medical illness that can affect your mind, body and spirit. It isn’t always easy to recognize, but depression has certain symptoms that are different from the “blues,” which everyone gets from time to time. With proper treatment, most people with depression feel better and enjoy life more. More information and a self assessment can be found here.
  • Regional Orientation: Physician discusses recognizing fatigue and overall wellness
  • Regional Social Events: Outings to professional baseball, football, basketball games, and more
  • Improv course: Recognizing the importance of caring for self between patients, procedures, etc
  • External Life coach: Provides one-on-one coaching support to residents who are identified by Program Directors in need of additional support
  • Quarterly monitoring of work hours by Regional GME

A vital key to fostering wellness, professional satisfaction, and sustainable careers is to adopt a purposeful approach to supporting physicians and staff in our day-to-day work. We want our physicians at the center of cohesive teams that use innovative approaches to operations and allow doctors to be doctors.Richard Isaacs, MD, Regional Director & CEO, The Permanente Medical Group

UWill Wellness Teletherapy Support

Residents & Fellows

  • Uwill is a leading mental health and wellness solution that provides trainees with the ability to connect immediately (or on their preferred timeline) with licensed mental health counselors based on their unique needs and preferences. Please note that your current KP health benefits and external mental health benefits are not affected, you will now have an additional option with the addition of Uwill. We are confident that this addition is a positive one for residents and fellows, in support of the overall wellness of trainees.
  • With Uwill, you receive free immediate access to teletherapy with a therapist of your choice.
  • Choose a therapist based on your preferences including issue, gender, language, ethnicity
  • Choose a time that fits your schedule with day, night and weekend availability
  • Choose your appointment type – video, phone, chat, or message
  • Engage in up to six (6) video or phone sessions per year at no cost to you
  • To get started, follow this link to the Uwill portal, – create your account with your existing KP email address, and connect with a clinician

Range of wellness resources for residents offered at local program sites

Personal Health & Wellness

  • Physician Health Fairs
  • Friday Farmer’s Markets
  • Get Out, Get Active, & Get Fit Program
  • Running Clubs & Cycling Groups
  • Yoga Classes for Physicians
  • Healthy Kitchen Cooking Program
  • Ergonomic Assessment and Consultation

Community Building

  • Community Service/Volunteering Website
  • Physician Wellness Websites & Newsletters
  • Women Physicians’ Roundtable
  • No Agenda Physician Wellness Lunches
  • National Physician Day Celebrations
  • Weekend Family Retreats
  • Social & cultural events: family picnics, golf tournaments, etc.

Work / Life

  • Child Care Resource & Referral Service
  • Child Care Discount Program through national providers
  • Dependent Care Spending Account
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Commuter Spending Account

Physician Resiliency

  • Stress Management Program
  • Mindfulness-Based Meditation Classes for Physicians

Work Environment

  • Clinician-Patient Communication Consultants
  • Desk-top Medicine & Time Management Programs

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