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Patient Safety Fellowship (non-ACGME)

Kaiser Permanente (KP) is one of the largest integrated healthcare organizations in the world, with a well-recognized history of providing industry leading patient care. In many areas our patients have measurably better outcomes than others in the community. This is not by chance. High quality providers, a comprehensive electronic medical record, a focus on prevention and chronic conditions management and a systematic approach to improvement are all integral to these outcomes. This also creates the ideal environment for a fellowship, where talented and self-motivated young professionals can not only study past and current quality and safety projects but also can learn how to create improvements by working on additional areas that have not been addressed by KP. This will happen with considerable organizational support and personal mentoring.

The Kaiser Permanente Northern California Patient Safety Fellowship is a one-year program offered by the Regional Graduate Medical Education Office and Regional Quality and Safety Leadership, and may be located at any number of our KP medical centers. The purpose of the Interprofessional Fellowship Program in Patient Safety is to provide post-residency trained physicians an in-depth education in patient safety practice, leadership and research. Up to two positions are offered each year. The program launched July 1, 2012.

2019-2020 Fellows

Fellow Name Project
Jeyling Chou, MD
Electronic detection and rescue for maternal deterioration
Serene Chen, MD
Emergency Medicine
Mental Health crisis in emergency departments


Year Fellow Name Project
2018-2019 Kanchi Batra, MD
Internal Medicine
Optimization of deterioration algorithm in hospitalized post-cardiac procedure patients;
Point-of-care ultrasound training in an internal medicine residency
2018-2019 Elayna Ng, MD
Appropriate Activation of a Pediatric Rapid Response Team based upon Pediatric Early Warning Scores;
Establishing a Standardized Quality Improvement Curriculum Region Wide Within Kaiser Permanente
2018-2019 Molly Tolins, MD
Emergency Medicine
Care for Caregivers after Adverse and Unexpected Events: A Peer Support Program Implementation in High-Risk Departments
2017-2018 Paul J. Marc, MD
Perioperative blood glucose optimization to decrease surgical site infection
2017-2018 Sandhya Ravichandran, MD
1. Intraoperative lung protective ventilation
2. Glucose management of perioperative obstetric patients
3. Chronic pain conversion in post-surgical patients
2016-2017 Maria Beylin, MD
Emergency Medicine
Reliable delivery of lung protective ventilation for emergently intubated patients; reliable design, order sets, downstream outcomes and length of stay in ICU
2016-2017 Vishal Patel, MD
Internal Medicine
Kidney failure in cardiac catheterization patients; cutting-edge measures of long-term health in post-cardiac surgery patients
2015-2016 Piyush Gupta, MD
Internal Medicine
Proactive colorectal enhanced screening
2015-2016 Leslie Hale, MD
Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Preoperative blood optimization
2014-2015 Rohan Paul, MBBS
Internal Medicine
1. A model for a bedside ultrasound & procedural curriculum for medicine residency programs
2. Early detection of impending physiologic deterioration amongst hospitalized patients in Kaiser Permanente
2014-2015 Naomi Adler, MD
Emergency Medicine
1. Enhanced recovery after surgery: ED nerve blocks for patients with hip fractures
2. High fidelity simulation for patient safety education and maintenance of skills
2013-2014 Alex Dummett, MD
Internal Medicine
Implementation of Rescue with Industry Leading Deterioration Score
2013-2014 Merritt McLean, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Simulation for Clinic Procedures and Emergencies; Regional Pre-Eclampsia QI Initiative
2012-2013 Ben Mansalis, MD
Internal Medicine
Evidence Based Ventilation in ARDS Patients
2012-2013 Ami Kapadia, MD End of Life Planning in Oncology Patients

Program Leadership

Paul Preston, MD_Patient Safety Fellowship Program Director_headshot

Paul Preston, MD
Patient Safety Fellowship Program Director

Alex Brian Dummett, MD_Patient Safety Fellowship Associate Program Director headshot

Alex Dummett, MD
Patient Safety Fellowship Associate Program Director

Stephanie Terry, MD_Patient Safety Fellowship Associate Program Director headshot

Stephanie Terry, MD
Patient Safety Fellowship Associate Program Director

“Patient safety is part of our culture, and at KP we are learning how to systematically improve the ways in which we give care.  Prior fellows have done remarkable work in a wide variety of areas, such as predictive modeling and rescue for patient deterioration, rapid management of pre-eclampsia, preoperative blood optimization, simulation training for clinic emergencies and residency procedures, safety net for colorectal cancer and hip fracture pathways to name but a few.  This is an ideal year for a self motivated doctor to acquire real world skills in improving a system.”

– Paul Preston, MD

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