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Patient Safety Fellowship (ACGME) - Alumni

Alumni Highlights

This fellowship completely changed the course of my career. Being a Patient Safety Fellow allowed me to explore and act on my interests in provider burnout, secondary trauma, and resiliency. The structure of the fellowship gave me the mentorship and skills I needed to conceptualize a project and then carry it through the stages of implementation and ongoing management. With these skills and experiences, I have been able to make my interests in patient safety and provider burnout and resiliency as a central part of my career, and I could not be happier to be able to spend a portion of my time working to create a more supportive environment for our physicians and staff.”

Molly Tolins, MD 2018-2019

The patient safety fellowship year integrated skills from my different professional paths, enabling me to step into a clinical career with a strong foundation of systems analysis and problem solving through a patient safety lens.  I’m so grateful for the time and space to explore questions at the intersection of healthcare administration, organizational behavior and psychology, and the practice of medicine.  One of the key strengths of this program is the individualized coaching throughout the process from developing the research question to designing the study and ultimately communicating your findings to impact systemic change.”

Vi Ngo MD 2020-2021
Year Name Fellowship Project Current Affiliation
2022-2023 Victoria Fort, MD Trauma Informed Care in the Pediatric Clinic Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente East Bay
2022-2023 Karen Hauser, MD Development and Implementation of a Geriatric Emergency Department Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco
2022-2023 Claudia Lopez, MD 1. ObGyn Pre-Delivery Anemia Optimization 2. Workflow for Pregnant Patients who Decline Blood Products Maternal Fetal Medicine Fellow, UC Davis
2021-2022 Marie Boller, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology Intimate Partner Violence Death Reviews Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente Diablo
2021-2022 Zeenat Khan, MD, Emergency Medicine Disparities in Emergency Department pain management. Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente East Bay
2020-2021 Justine(Vi) Ngo, MD, MHA
Culture, communication and psychological safety during COVID-19 Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco and East Bay
2020-2021 Katie Hatch, MD, Emergency Medicine Social Health and Emergency Medicine Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente East Bay
2019-2020 Serene Chen, MD
Emergency Medicine
Mental Health crisis in emergency departments Attending Physician, California Pacific Medical Center
2019-2020 Jeyling Chou, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Electronic detection and rescue for maternal deterioration Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente San Jose
2018-2019 Molly Tolins, MD
Emergency Medicine
Care for Caregivers after Adverse and Unexpected Events: A Peer Support Program Implementation in High-Risk Departments Attending Physician, Emergency Medicine & Physician Lead, Provider Outreach Support Team
2018-2019 Elayna Ng, MD
Appropriate Activation of a Pediatric Rapid Response Team based upon Pediatric Early Warning Scores;
Establishing a Standardized Quality Improvement Curriculum Region Wide Within Kaiser Permanente
Attending Physician, University of California Los Angeles
2018-2019 Kanchi Batra, MD
Internal Medicine
Optimization of deterioration algorithm in hospitalized post-cardiac procedure patients;
Point-of-care ultrasound training in an internal medicine residency
Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco. Course Director, PuLSE Program, UCSF-Kaiser Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship. Lead quality improvement advisor, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Internal Medicine Residency
2017-2018 Sandhya Ravichandran, MD
1. Intraoperative lung protective ventilation
2. Glucose management of perioperative obstetric patients
3. Chronic pain conversion in post-surgical patients
Surgical Quality Lead for GSAA, Kaiser Permanente
2017-2018 Paul J. Marc, MD, PhD
Perioperative blood glucose optimization to decrease surgical site infection Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente Central Valley
2016-2017 Vishal Patel, MD
Internal Medicine
Kidney failure in cardiac catheterization patients; cutting-edge measures of long-term health in post-cardiac surgery patients Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente San Francisco. Assistant Chief of Quality for Patient Safety
2016-2017 Maria Beylin, MD
Emergency Medicine
Reliable delivery of lung protective ventilation for emergently intubated patients; reliable design, order sets, downstream outcomes and length of stay in ICU Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara
2015-2016 Leslie Hale, MD
Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Preoperative blood optimization Attending Physician
2015-2016 Piysuh Gupta, MD
Internal Medicine
Proactive colorectal enhanced screening Vice President, Population Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona
2014-2015 Naomi Adler, MD
Emergency Medicine
Enhanced recovery after surgery: ED nerve blocks for patients with hip fractures and High fidelity simulation for patient safety education and maintenance of skills Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente East Bay. Assistant Program Director, KP Northern California Patient Safety Fellowship. Medical Director Outside Services
2014-2015 Rohan Paul, MBBS
Internal Medicine, Nephrology
 1. A model for a bedside ultrasound & procedural curriculum for medicine residency programs. 2. Early detection of impending physiologic deterioration amongst hospitalized patients in Kaiser Permanente Attending Physician, George Washington University Hospital
2013-2014 Merritt McLean, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Simulation for Clinic Procedures and Emergencies; Regional Pre-Eclampsia QI Initiative Assistant Medical Director of Perinatal Services, KP SFO
2013-2014 Alex Dummett, MD
Internal Medicine
Implementation of Rescue with Industry Leading Deterioration Score Attending Physician and Associate Program Director, Kaiser Permanente Mid-Atlantic Internal Medicine Residency Program
2012-2013 Ami Kapadia, MD
Internal Medicine
End of Life Planning in Oncology Patients Attending Physician, Kaiser Permanente Daly City
2012-2013 Ben Mansalis, MD
Internal Medicine
Evidence Based Ventilation in ARDS Patients Chief Information Officer, INTEGRIS Health
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