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2020-2021 Fellows

Justine (Vi) Ngo, MD, MHA
2020-2021 Patient Safety Fellow

Katie Hatch, MD
2020-2021 Patient Safety Fellow


Year Fellow Name Project
2019-2020 Jeyling Chou, MD
Electronic detection and rescue for maternal deterioration
2019-2020 Serene Chen, MD
Emergency Medicine
Mental Health crisis in emergency departments
2018-2019 Kanchi Batra, MD
Internal Medicine
Optimization of deterioration algorithm in hospitalized post-cardiac procedure patients;
Point-of-care ultrasound training in an internal medicine residency
2018-2019 Elayna Ng, MD
Appropriate Activation of a Pediatric Rapid Response Team based upon Pediatric Early Warning Scores;
Establishing a Standardized Quality Improvement Curriculum Region Wide Within Kaiser Permanente
2018-2019 Molly Tolins, MD
Emergency Medicine
Care for Caregivers after Adverse and Unexpected Events: A Peer Support Program Implementation in High-Risk Departments
2017-2018 Paul J. Marc, MD
Perioperative blood glucose optimization to decrease surgical site infection
2017-2018 Sandhya Ravichandran, MD
1. Intraoperative lung protective ventilation
2. Glucose management of perioperative obstetric patients
3. Chronic pain conversion in post-surgical patients
2016-2017 Maria Beylin, MD
Emergency Medicine
Reliable delivery of lung protective ventilation for emergently intubated patients; reliable design, order sets, downstream outcomes and length of stay in ICU
2016-2017 Vishal Patel, MD
Internal Medicine
Kidney failure in cardiac catheterization patients; cutting-edge measures of long-term health in post-cardiac surgery patients
2015-2016 Piyush Gupta, MD
Internal Medicine
Proactive colorectal enhanced screening
2015-2016 Leslie Hale, MD
Anesthesiology and Critical Care
Preoperative blood optimization
2014-2015 Rohan Paul, MBBS
Internal Medicine
1. A model for a bedside ultrasound & procedural curriculum for medicine residency programs
2. Early detection of impending physiologic deterioration amongst hospitalized patients in Kaiser Permanente
2014-2015 Naomi Adler, MD
Emergency Medicine
1. Enhanced recovery after surgery: ED nerve blocks for patients with hip fractures
2. High fidelity simulation for patient safety education and maintenance of skills
2013-2014 Alex Dummett, MD
Internal Medicine
Implementation of Rescue with Industry Leading Deterioration Score
2013-2014 Merritt McLean, MD
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Simulation for Clinic Procedures and Emergencies; Regional Pre-Eclampsia QI Initiative
2012-2013 Ben Mansalis, MD
Internal Medicine
Evidence Based Ventilation in ARDS Patients
2012-2013 Ami Kapadia, MD End of Life Planning in Oncology Patients
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