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Statistician Consultation Request

Before you start a resident research project, you should submit a request for consult through the CCRU (Comprehensive Clinical Research Unit) web portal. A DOR Statistician will be able to help with IRB proposal/exemption preparation, electronic database abstraction, database development, data analysis/interpretation, and preparation of presentations and manuscripts.

To submit your request, go to the CCRU web portal at and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on “new user” and open an account
  2. After you receive your account information, click on “returning user” and submit your request. Be sure to indicate that you are a resident. (Under “type of assistance needed”, click “Biostatistical/Analytic support” on the drop down menu. Then click “Resident Research Project.” ) If you do not know the answer to a question, it is fine to put “don’t know”, or “this is what I need help with”, etc. The more complete the information is that you enter, the easier it will be to help you.
  3. You should hear from a DOR statistician within 3-5 days working days.

If you have any problems opening an account or entering your request, please contact Maryanne Armstrong at or (510) 891-3501.

KPNC IRB Overview

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is a group of individuals formally designated by Kaiser Permanente to review, approve, and monitor research involving humans, or their identifiable private information. The KPNC IRB oversees all research activity conducted in the Northern California Region. The IRB performs criticalethical, regulatory, and scientific oversight functions of human subjects research in order to ensure compliance with all KP policies and federal regulations.

For more information about KPNC research, IRB, new study applications, etc, go to KPNC Research Support Web site.

DOR Research Courses

It is strongly recommended that new residents complete the on-line research training course before they start their resident research project. The Division of Research (DOR) and the Comprehensive Clinical Research Unit (CCRU) have created on-line courses designed to help physicians, other healthcare professionals, and research staff develop an understanding of fundamental research principles and methods.  The courses can be found on KP Learn.

The courses are offered in three parts:

Course 1: NCAL Division of Research: Introduction to Clinical Research
Course ID: 00302547

Course 2: NCAL Division of Research: Research Statistics
Course ID: 00324415

Course 3: NCAL Division of Research: Regression Modeling
Course ID: 00565461

To access these courses, go to KP Learn and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the Learning Catalog tab
  2. Enter the Course ID number in the search field
  3. Click “Go”
  4. Click “launch” below the course description
  5. Click on the course title under “results by module”

Each course consists of targeted educational modules, focused on preparing clinical researchers to design new clinical research projects. Throughout the course of each learning module, users have the opportunity to test their knowledge by answering a set of questions.

The course information will be on the Comprehensive Clinical Research Unit website training page where you cal find all of the KP Learn course information.

Poster Presentations/Virtual Guide

This resource may assist with:

  • finding information about how to develop and deliver presentations and poster sessions
  • accessing resources to use when creating posters/presentations
  • finding citation guidelines and resources
  • checking out books to help with building memorable presentations and honing public speaking skills
  • and much more!

NOTE: This link is only accessible from the Kaiser network

Napa-Solano Residency Research Week

The inaugural Residency Research Week in Napa-Solano will occur May 13-17, 2019. This week of events will showcase the scholarly work of our residency programs through a variety of lunchtime activities. The goal of this week is to share quality improvement projects, research projects and create a forum for sharing scholarly work throughout the region. Visit our webpage to learn more and to submit your proposal.

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