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Kaiser Permanente Northern California provides an array of resources to support residents and fellows to conduct research, quality improvement, patient safety and other types of scholarly projects.

Research Project Management

Each medical center with a residency program employs at least one full time Lead Senior Research Project Manager who provides mentorship, research expertise, editing, and project management for resident and fellow scholarly projects. Contact your local Graduate Medical Education office to find out who your local Lead Senior Research Project Manager is.

Clinical Librarians

KP Northern CA employs a network of clinical librarians who curate a wide range of academic resources and who can conduct literature searches on your scholarly topic. KP Libraries also maintain a database of other resources, such as how to deliver poster presentations (available within the KP network).

Division of Research

The Kaiser Permanente Division of Research conducts, publishes, and disseminates epidemiologic and health services research to improve the health and medical care of Kaiser Permanente members and society at large. Resident projects are supported by analysts at the Biostatistical Consulting Unit, who work with residents to shape research questions, pull data from KP systems, conduct statistical analysis and contribute to abstracts and journal articles. Click here to submit your project to the Research Collaboration Portal for an initial consultation.

It is recommended that new residents complete a training course before they start their resident research project. The Division of Research (DOR) have created three on-line courses designed to help residents and fellows develop an understanding of fundamental research principles and methods. The courses can be found on KP Learn:

  • Course 1: NCAL Division of Research: Introduction to Clinical Research, Course ID: CNL:NCAL DOR INTRO CR
  • Course 2: NCAL Division of Research: Research Statistics, Course ID: CNL:NCAL DOR STATISTICS
  • Course 3: NCAL Division of Research: Regression Modeling, Course ID: CNL:NCAL DOR REGRESSION


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews, approves, and monitors research activities to ensure compliance with all KP policies and federal regulations. Projects that may meet the definition of human research must be submitted to the Research Determination Office (RDO) for an official determination. For more information about IRB, RDO and new study applications, click here.

Dissemination opportunities

The KPNC Scholarly Symposium, aka SCOPE, is a regional, virtual symposium for Kaiser Permanente Northern California residents, fellows, and faculty to share scholarly ideas, get feedback on projects, and practice presenting scholarly work to a broader audience of their peers. This event is held annually in the spring. Click here for more details (link will work within KP network).

Contact your local Lead Senior Research Project Manager for more information about additional local and specialty specific dissemination opportunities.

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