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Clerkship appointments for senior medical students are based on a completed application form and a letter supporting the request from the Dean of the Medical School. The standard rotation is four weeks and includes experience under direct HNS staff supervision in the outpatient setting, operating room, hospital, and emergency rooms, as well as in audiology and speech and language services. This is an advanced clerkship designed to give the senior medical student an immersive experience and dedicated exposure to the field of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (Oto-HNS). Students will be expected to accomplish the following goals:

a) Assume a high level of patient care responsibility, functioning essentially at an intern level, under resident and attending supervision.

b) Strengthen their clinical and procedural skills.

c) Function as an integral member of the Oto-HNS rounding team.

d) Attend all scheduled departmental conferences.

More Information

To inquire about a clerkship, please send an email to

To apply for an Otolaryngology clerkship, interested medical students should complete and submit the Clerkship Application using VSLO.

SCORE Program

For information about the 2024 Summer Clinical Otolaryngology/Obstetrics & Gynecology Research (SCORE) Program, visit our website.

For general information, please review our general policies.

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