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Chief Residents 2018-19

Andy Chau, MD (Co-Chief)

Thank you for your interest in the Kaiser Santa Clara internal medicine residency program! Our hospital is located in the heart of the Silicon Valley where is there is something for everyone. There is no doubt in my mind that this was the perfect program for me, and I am very proud of our program for numerous reasons. The bay area allows exposure to many diverse cultures and backgrounds. The hospital itself is gorgeous and bright with plenty of windows to get that much needed Vitamin D. Our integrated medical record system makes providing care between the inpatient and outpatient settings seamless. We even have dedicated personnel who can help us set up outpatient follow-up appointments with patients who we discharge from the hospital to enhance continuity of care. There is a great mixture of classic as well as extremely rare cases. But most of all I love the people I work with. The program directors are extremely supportive and place the highest value on education and wellness. The attending’s and specialists are friendly and enthusiastic about teaching. Because there are no fellows the residents have direct access to discussions and teaching from the specialists. The ancillary staff, including nurses, pharmacists, patient care coordinators, and therapists, provide excellent support. At the crux of the program are the residents who I have come to treat as family. Our residents are friendly, fun to be around, display a strong bond, and are always willing to lend a helping hand. As chief resident, my goal is to improve residents’ wellness and provide whatever support I can to make their time in residency the most positive and educational experience possible. I sincerely hope you will consider joining us!

Hemal Patel, MD (Co-Chief)

Hello everyone! Welcome to Kaiser Santa Clara’s Internal Medicine Program. I’m writing to you from the land of palm trees and sunny skies that I am fortunate enough to call home. The three years of residency that I experienced at Kaiser Santa Clara were some of the best years of my life. What you will find at our institution is great support and teamwork. From the ancillary staff and patient coordinators to assist every team with discharges to the attendings and consultants who foster a collaborative learning environment our hospital is a vibrant and energetic place to work. With an emphasis on wellness while achieving professional and personal growth, our program directors support residents fully. As one of the busiest hospitals in the area you will see a wide variety of cases and receive diverse educational lectures. In the center of this thriving learning environment are the residents. During my time in residency my co-workers have become my friends and family and it is the unique feeling of belonging that makes our residency special. I invite you all to come experience all that we have to offer and hope to see you soon!

Residents 2018-19

Level Name Medical School
PGY 1 Rabia Aslam, MD UC Davis
PGY 1 Jennifer Chen, MD St. Louis University
PGY 1 Ashley Clark, MD UC Davis
PGY 1 Sean Dangelmajer, MD Stanford University
PGY 1 Hank Davis, MD Augusta University
PGY 1 Jeffrey Dyo, MD George Washington University
PGY 1 John Paul Farala, MD UC San Francisco
PGY 1 Kapil Gururangan, MD Stanford University
PGY 1 Bryan Hernandez, MD UC Davis
PGY 1 Peter Huh, MD Drexel University
PGY 1 Nan Ye Lei, DO Touro University
PGY 1 Jeffrey Means, DO Touro University
PGY 1 Mateen Moghbel, MD Stanford University
PGY 1 Navreen Pandher, MD Western University
PGY 1 Priyal Patel, MD St. George’s University
PGY 1 Cindy Tran, MD Michigan St. University Flint
PGY1 Yoo-Won Lim, MD Hofstra North Shore -LIJ
PGY1 Lisa Wang, MD University of Vermont
PGY1 Paulina Sun, DO Western University
PGY 2 Michael Black, MD University of Utah
PGY 2 Bai Yi Chen, MD Pennsylvania State
PGY 2 Andrew Kelada, MD Geisinger Commonwealth
PGY 2 Ryon Maland, MD Drexel University
PGY 2 Qing Meng Zhang, MD Rush University
PGY 2 Chen Mu, MD Indiana University
PGY 2 Jennifer Nguyen, MD UC Davis
PGY 2 Andrew Ni, MD UC San Diego
PGY 2 Andy Pham, MD Creighton University
PGY 2 Deepti Pujare, MD New York Medical College
PGY 2 Elisabeth Russell, MD St. George’s University
PGY 2 Mollie Sands, MD University of Cincinnati
PGY 2 Tiffany Seto, MD UC Riverside
PGY 2 Vinod Valluri, MD University of Arizona
PGY 2 Hongyu Zhao, MD Rush Unversity
PGY 2 Zeng Chen, MD Hofstra North Shore – LIJ School of Medicine
PGY 2 Matthew Chin, MD New York University School of Medicine
PGY 2 Yves Jodesty, MD New York Medical College
PGY 3 David Kirakossian, MD University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine
PGY 3 Shelley Leong, MD University of Washington School of Medicine
PGY 3 Poonam Manwani, MD R Franklin Un of Med & Sci/Chicago Medical School
PGY 3 Jennifer Minor, MD University of Nevada School of Medicine
PGY 3 Tejal Narsai, MD Un of California, Irvine, College of Medicine
PGY 3 Anoop Neboori, MD Ohio State University College of Medicine
PGY 3 Pranjal Patel, MD St. George’s University
PGY 3 Nhung Pham, MD Un of California, Davis, School of Medicine
PGY 3 Marisa Rivera, MD University of New Mexico School of Medicine
PGY 3 MeeNa Song, MD University of Colorado School of Medicine
PGY 3 Shunde Wong, MD Albany Medical College of Union University
PGY 3 Sohail Yousufi, MD University of Arkansas College of Medicine

What our residents are saying…

Jeff Means, DO, R1

Medical School: Touro University
Career plans: Categorical
Whatever you enjoy, whether it be shopping, eating, hiking or hanging out, there’s plenty to do in the South Bay, and I feel that this fun and exciting culture permeates through much of the staff and patients at Kaiser Santa Clara to create the best work environment. Most people, from the attendings to nurses and support staff, are all welcoming and friendly, helping me to learn all the practical tools to becoming a great doctor. I feel very well supported and taken care of, which has motivated me to work my hardest when on the wards. It can get very busy, but after a long hard week, having the ability to go out to a fun new place and catch up with my fellow interns keeps me fresh, and I look forward to spending my next few years working at Kaiser Santa Clara.

Meng Zhang, MD, R2

Medical School: Rush University
Career plans: Primary Care
Kaiser Santa Clara internal medicine residency is not a typical community academic program. We are a family where the program directors truly care and advocate for the residents, and the residents form long lasting relationships through the hardships and laughter. The efficiency and fluidity of Kaiser system ensure the quality of patient care and resident learning. The acuity of illness, broad breath of disease pathology, and level of Independence all guarantee that we are well prepared for the real world clinical practice. The lack of fellows encourage direct interactions with consultants and therefore re-enforces active learning. I am more than thrilled to be a member of the Kaiser family, and would undoubtedly continue my career as a Kaiser physician.

Shelley Leong, MD R3

Medical School: University of Washington
Career plans: Categorical
The first thing that drew me to the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara residency program was the camaraderie I immediately noticed on my interview day. Now as a resident, I have experienced and witnessed first-hand how supportive the residency program, mentors/attending physicians, and staff are. This environment at Kaiser has played an important role in my ability to grow both professionally and personally. From large group conferences to one-on-one teaching, our learning is delivered through multiple modalities to appeal to different learning styles. Additionally, our didactics are integrated efficiently and effectively into our regular work day. This shouldn’t be too surprising though since Kaiser is well known for its efficiency by way of our sophisticated electronic medical records system, amazing support staff, and dedication to quality improvement. The highlight of our training stems from the large and diverse patient population that we care for. With over four million Kaiser members in Northern California, we see a variety of pathology ranging from common “bread and butter” conditions to truly rare and unique medical diseases, all of which we are prepared to care for with help from our expert specialists, nurses, and pharmacists. In addition to investing in our professional development, the culture at Kaiser also encourages us to pursue personal growth. Our novel 2+2 curriculum was created to improve wellness among residents and to foster a healthy sense of work-life balance. This schedule also allows us to be present with our families, continue our hobbies, and explore new interests and activities. For these reasons and more, I am proud to be a part of a residency program that promotes well-rounded physicians!

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