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2021-2022 Chief Residents

NanYe (Francisco) Lei, DO – Chief Resident

Welcome to Kaiser Santa Clara’s Internal Medicine Residency Program! I was interested in Kaiser Permanente because of its integrated healthcare system. I had the opportunity to rotate at this program as a sub-intern and was amazed by the efficient and well-rounded care because of the advanced EMR, amazing staff, and abundant ancillary services. Later as a resident, I saw firsthand the quality of care on a memorable case concerning a patient with a breast mass. I referred her to imaging, and she was able to get imaging, biopsy, a diagnosis, and surgical and oncological planning within a week. As a residency program, what stood out to me was the work-life balance and amazing support from our program directors, attendings, and fellow residents. Our program has promoted wellness, and even developed a performance improvement project to address this during the stressful times of the COVID pandemic. I’ve made lifelong friends while learning and practicing high quality medicine. I’m happy to have the opportunity to continue as chief resident and work with the program that has meant so much to me.

Yoo-Won (Jenny) Lim, MD, Chief Resident

Welcome to Kaiser Santa Clara Internal Medicine Residency Program! Coming from a medical school located in New York, the endless days of sun drew me back to California. I knew I wanted to be a part of Kaiser Santa Clara when I saw the camaraderie between the residents, the balance between wellness and academic learning, and the CHOICE program during my interview day. As an advocate in preventive care and interest in primary care, I found the CHOICE program to be personally catering to my interests in outpatient medicine, health maintenance and community medicine. With an exceptionally individualized approach to learning and support from the program, I was able to expand my love for primary care and learn to follow along with my own panel of patients. In addition to building my career goals, I met lifelong friends, experienced immense teaching, and support from attendings, and have time to spend with family and loved ones outside of the program. Now more than three years down the road, I’m happily spending an extra year as the Chief Resident alongside my colleagues!


2020-2021 Residents

Level Name Medical School
PGY 1 Alam, Mahza Virginia Commonwealth University
PGY 1 Bommireddi, Akshay Albany Medical College
PGY 1 Chau, Jessica Northstate University
PGY 1 Le, Andrew Albert Einstein College of Medicine
PGY 1 Feldman, David Rosalind Franklin University
PGY 1 Lin, Christina Rush University
PGY 1 Lin, Julie Northeast Ohio University
PGY 1 Low, Christopher Northstate University
PGY 1 Moua, Christie UC Davis
PGY 1 Nguyen, Phoebe Pennsylvania State University
PGY 1 Park, Jeong Soo Loma Linda University
PGY 1 Penn, Amy UCSF
PGY 1 Pillai, Priyanka University of Washington
PGY 1 Soriano, Michaela Oakland University
PGY 1 Tang, Jessica Rosalind Franklin University
PGY 1 Green, Stuart Albany Medical College
PGY 1 Sullivan, Sammir Northstate University
PGY 1 Dove, Christopher Stanford
PGY 1 Herron, Steven UCSF
PGY 1 Lee, Gun Ho Stanford
PGY 1 Nguyen, Teresa Stanford
PGY 2 Anderson, Sarah University of Louisville
PGY 2 Cai, Amie Northstate University
PGY 2 Chan, Kathy University of Texas Southwestern
PGY 2 Huynh, Jennifer University of Wisconsin
PGY 2 Kapadia, Nahel University of Utah
PGY 2 Karmally, Serena Touro University
PGY 2 Lam, Eddie University of Virginia
PGY 2 Lee, Steven Touro University
PGY 2 Yu Hsin “Cindy” Liu UC San Diego
PGY 2 Moran, George Rush University
PGY 2 Newby, Renee University of Washington
PGY 2 Nguyen, Nicholas University of Colorado
PGY 2 Pruzansky, Alix Ross University
PGY 2 Williams, Elton Eastern Virginia
PGY 3 Aslam, Rabia UC Davis
PGY 3 Chen, Jennifer St. Louis University
PGY 3 Davis, Hank Augusta University
PGY 3 Dyo, Jeffrey George Washington University
PGY 3 Farala, John Paul UC San Francisco
PGY 3 Hernandez, Bryan UC Davis
PGY 3 Huh, Peter Drexel University
PGY 3 Lei, Nan Ye Touro University
PGY 3 Lim, Yoo-Won Hofstra North Shore -LIJ
PGY 3 Means, Jeffrey Touro University
PGY 3 Pandher, Navreen Western University
PGY 3 Patel, Priyal St. George’s University
PGY 3 Sun, Paulina Western University
PGY 3 Tran, Cindy Michigan St. University Flint
PGY 3 Wang, Lisa University of Vermont

What our residents are saying…

Cindy La, MD, R1

“I am so grateful to be a member of the Kaiser Santa Clara residency program!  One of the things that initially drew me to this program was my virtual interview experience. There was a warmth and kindness that radiated from the people I spoke to, and I could sense how happy they were being here. Although residency can be very demanding in time, it makes a big difference when a program is committed to resident wellness and emphasizes work/life balance. With a 2+2 system the rigors of inpatient medicine and ICU are balanced with outpatient electives that offer a glimpse into various electives and specialties.

The culture here is also one of collaboration, teamwork, and fun! Kaiser also offers a robust learning environment filled with interesting learning cases during morning reports, noon conferences, and didactics. The attendings here have an incredible fund of knowledge and are enthusiastic about teaching but will also challenge you to think critically and independently.

Everyone including the upperclassman, program coordinators, nurses, MA’s, and attendings go above and beyond to anticipate your needs and nurture an environment that encourages personal and professional growth. The Kaiser system itself is so well integrated that there are endless opportunities to participate in research, find mentors in your field of interest, or work in multidisciplinary arenas. 

Ultimately, each residency program is about the right fit, and for me the work/life balance, the location, but mostly the people makes me think that this program is a hidden gem—I feel so thankful that I have the opportunity to train here!”

Akshay R Bommireddi, MD, R2

“Growing up in the Bay Area, I had strong admiration for the Kaiser system because of its whole person approach to healthcare. I wanted to be a part of a residency program that prioritizes efficiency, patient centered care, and academic teaching. After interviewing, I fell in love with the 2+2 system, which has now allowed me to maximize my elective and research time to pursue my interest in cardiology and to have a healthy work-life balance! Reflecting on the past year, I found that the attendings, program directors and specialists are deeply invested in my career interests and resident teaching (from one-on-one discussions, to participation in our morning reports and noon conferences). I’ve also found life-long friends in my co-residents, where we have experienced so much together (from kayaking in half moon bay when the sky was orange, to supporting each other during the COVID surge). I feel blessed to be a part of such a supportive program and to be having fun during residency!”

Serena Karmally, DO, R3

“I feel extremely blessed to do my internal medicine residency at Kaiser Santa Clara. What drew me to this program was how incredibly warm and kind the residents, program directors, attendings and other staff are. I feel very supported in each stage of my training, with the perfect balance of autonomy and support. Most importantly, I feel the multidisciplinary approach (with the contribution of pharmacists, nurses, social workers, patient care coordinators) and thoughtfully developed work flows specific to Kaiser really are the best model for patient care.”

Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Internal Medicine Residency Program Virtual Tour

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