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2019-2020 Chief Residents

David Kirakossian, MD, Co-Chief
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh
Career Plan: CHOICE

I am a native of the South Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area and have seen first-hand how Kaiser Permanente gives back to the community and helps keep the community healthy. I knew that someday I wanted to be a part of that organization and leave a positive footprint on the community I serve. During my three years of internal medicine residency here at KP Santa Clara I got excellent teaching, mentorship, and clinical exposure. I have also forged meaningful relationships that I hope will last a lifetime. Now as one of the chief residents I want to take a more active role at ensuring that we continue to foster this collegial and uplifting environment as we train the future generation of internal medicine physicians. In addition to my chiefly duties I am currently applying for a rheumatology fellowship for the upcoming year.

Shelley Leong, MD, Co-Chief
Medical School: University of Washington
Career Plan: Categorical

Welcome to Kaiser Santa Clara’s internal medicine residency program! Here you’ll find yourself surrounded by sun and fun outdoor activities, a great food scene, and a learning environment that promotes a healthy work/life balance. The first thing that drew me to Kaiser Santa Clara was the camaraderie I felt among the residents and their mentors. I experienced this first-hand in residency, along with a supportive environment that included one-on-one mentorships that fostered my professional growth. After moving here from Washington, I learned that Santa Clara county is one of the most diverse places in California. This fact certainly contributes to the diversity of patients and variety of pathology that we see on a day to day basis. Our sub-specialists and ancillary staff are always ready to work together to help provide high quality, evidence-based care to our patients. We do this efficiently as well with our sophisticated electronic medical records system. Aside from work, we are also encouraged to continue pursuing our own personal hobbies and interests. Resident wellness is a crucial component of being a well-rounded physician and I’m proud to be a part of a program that recognizes this. These are just a few of my favorite things about working at Kaiser Santa Clara, I hope you consider visiting us so that you can see all of what our program has to offer!


What our residents are saying…

Alix Pruzansky, MD, R1

Medical School: Ross University
Career Plan: Categorical
“I am extremely proud to be a resident at Kaiser Santa Clara. From the moment I rotated here as a medical student I knew I was in the right place. Our program has a great vibe – the kind that makes you feel valued, excited to show up, and work hard for each other and for our patients. The attendings are deeply invested in developing our clinical reasoning, nurturing our curiosity, and building our confidence so we can effectively care for all who come through the door. It is empowering to be part of an organization committed to improving the delivery of healthcare. Kaiser brings that same innovation to medical education. Our 2+2 curriculum ensures I can spend time with the people I love and do the things that energize me outside of the hospital. It’s hard to find a more supportive, fun and dynamic environment than Santa Clara and I feel lucky to be here.”

Paulina Sun, DO, R2

Medical School: Western University
Career Plans: Categorical
“I was drawn to the Kaiser residency programs because of its whole-person approach to healthcare, with a focus on disease prevention, and its well-integrated medical record system which makes access to healthcare records very efficient. In turn, this makes healthcare delivery easier whereby we can keep in touch with patients via email and send prescriptions electronically. In terms of teaching, there’s a broad breadth of pathologies that we see and treat, and didactics on these diseases range from one-on- one teaching with specialists to formal noon conferences on “bread and butter” topics. Even more importantly, I rotated through Kaiser programs as a medical student and found residents that were happy with the work they were doing and relatively successful in achieving as best of a work-life balance that can be attained as a resident. I’ve also found attendings that are invested in my career plans and make a note to provide me with opportunities to augment my professional development. After being in the program for a year, I’ve found co-residents that have become “family” and are people that I make time for outside of work despite seeing each other all day in the hospital. Residency requires long hours no matter where you go but having people that look out for your wellbeing (and end up being some of your lifelong friends) along the way makes a world of a difference!”

Ted Chen, MD R3

Medical School: Pennsylvania State University
Career Plans: Categorical
“Kaiser Santa Clara is my ideal residency program- the comradery of the residents and the dedicated teaching faculty foster the fertile environment for academic vigor and quality patient care. As a third-year resident, I got to experience the many resident-led changes to the program- from small improvements to the resident lounge to the to the new ultrasound curriculum we created as part of our Program Improvement project. Furthermore, as a proud new member of the CHOICE program, I am ready to embark on my primary- care led journey with a curriculum that allows me to engage in a focus of my choice. The residents here exhibit the perfect blend of academic vigor, passion for patient care, and fun! Our program boasts immense diversity and our residents reflect many different communities and personalities. I knew I found a home at Kaiser Santa Clara from the day I interviewed here.” 

2019-2020 Residents

Level Name Medical School
PGY 1 Cai, Amie Northstate University
PGY 1 Chan, Kathy University of Texas Southwestern
PGY 1 Huynh, Jennifer University of Wisconsin
PGY 1 Kapadia, Nahel University of Utah
PGY 1 Karmally, Serena Touro University
PGY 1 Lam, Eddie University of Virginia
PGY 1 Ledezma, Karina University of Illinois
PGY 1 Lee, Steven Touro University
PGY 1 Yu Hsin “Cindy” Liu UC San Diego
PGY 1 Moran, George Rush University
PGY 1 Newby, Renee University of Washington
PGY 1 Nguyen, Nicholas University of Colorado
PGY 1 Nkansah-Mahaney, Nancy Stanford
PGY 1 Pruzansky, Alix Ross University
PGY 1 Sullivan, Sammir Northstate University
PGY 1 So, Naomi UC Los Angeles
PGY 1 Turner, Brandon Stanford
PGY 1 Yang, Alina Yale
PGY 1 Williams, Elton Eastern Virginia
PGY 2 Aslam, Rabia UC Davis
PGY 2 Chen, Jennifer St. Louis University
PGY 2 Davis, Hank Augusta University
PGY 2 Dyo, Jeffrey George Washington University
PGY 2 Farala, John Paul UC San Francisco
PGY 2 Hernandez, Bryan UC Davis
PGY 2 Huh, Peter Drexel University
PGY 2 Lei, Nan Ye Touro University
PGY 2 Lim, Yoo-Won Hofstra North Shore -LIJ
PGY 2 Means, Jeffrey Touro University
PGY 2 Pandher, Navreen Western University
PGY 2 Patel, Priyal St. George’s University
PGY 2 Sun, Paulina Western University
PGY 2 Tran, Cindy Michigan St. University Flint
PGY 2 Wang, Lisa University of Vermont
PGY 3 Kelada, Andrew Geisinger Commonwealth
PGY 3 Black, Michael University of Utah
PGY 3 Chen, Bai Yi Pennsylvania State
PGY 3 Hassoun, Lauren UC Davis
PGY 3 Jodesty, Yves New York Medical College
PGY 3 Maland, Ryon Drexel University
PGY 3 Mu, Chen Indiana University
PGY 3 Nguyen, Jennifer UC Davis
PGY 3 Ni, Andrew UC San Diego
PGY 3 Pham, Andy Creighton University
PGY 3 Pujare, Deepti New York Medical College
PGY 3 Russell, Elisabeth St. George’s University
PGY 3 Sands, Mollie University of Cincinnati
PGY 3 Seto, Tiffany UC Riverside
PGY 3 Valluri, Vinod University of Arizona
PGY 3 Zhang, Qing Meng Rush University
PGY 3 Zhao, Hongyu Rush University
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