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We have an experienced, dynamic, and diverse faculty all of whom take great pride in the fellowship. They are all involved in day-to-day teaching of the fellows and are always willing to educate and impart their knowledge and experience. They have a variety of backgrounds, interests, and training: you can guarantee that for every condition there will be a faculty member with a special interest or unique experience in that field.


A word from our Program Director, Dr. Jonathan Zaroff:
Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, stimulating educational and research experience to prepare our Cardiology Fellows as highly competent clinical cardiologists and clinical researchers. 

Our environment, Kaiser San Francisco Medical Center, is one of the largest cardiovascular centers in California, serving the cardiac needs of 4.2 million members in Northern California.  Our sister hospital, Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center, provides comprehensive training in Advanced Heart Failure and Electrophysiology.  The Kaiser Division of Research Investigators produce leading cardiovascular epidemiological science and participate in the research mentoring of our fellows.

Our culture prioritizes activities for the fellows which are educational.  We have a uniquely collegial group of physicians and we welcome our fellows with warmth and enthusiasm.  We are family friendly and value diversity in all forms.

Our medicine is fully integrated at every level (physicians, insurance, hospital, pharmacy) and our fellows train in a health care system which represents the aspirational model for health care in the United States.

Jonathan G. Zaroff, MD
Fellowship Program Director

Ivy Ku, MD
Chief of Cardiology

Anne Goh, MD, MPH
Associate Program Director, Education

Edward McNulty, MD, FACC
Chair of Chiefs of Cardiology and Medical Director cardiac Service Line, Kaiser Northern California

Alicia Romero, MD
Chair, Cath Lab Medical Directors; Director, Cardiac Catheterization Lab at San Rafael

Jacob Mishell, MD, FACC
Director, Structural Heart Disease Program

Alison Meadows, MD, PHD
Director, Adult Congenital Heart Disease

Dana McGlothlin, MD
Director, Pulmonary Hypertension Program

Jennifer Ting, MD
Director, Echocardiography Lab

Andrew Rassi, MD
Director, San Francisco Cardiac Catheterization Lab

Ann Sheridan, MD

Nitin Chitale, MD

Gordon Leung, MD

Jerry Arellano, MD
Director of EKG

Magdy Tawadrous, MD

William Raskoff, MD

Kenneth Mahrer, MD

Jana Svetlichnaya, MD

Sahar Naderi, MD

Gopi Manthipragada, MD

Christopher Woo, MD, MS

Taylor Liu, MD, PhD

Van Selby, MD

Research Faculty

Andrew Ambrosy, MD
Associate Program Director, Research

Alan Go, MD

Carlos Iribarren, MD, PhD

Ashok Krishnaswami, MD

Jamal Rana, MD, PhD

Matt Solomon, MD, PhD

Extended Faculty

Below is a list of our extended faculty who are vital to the successful running of our program.

Faculty Name Department
Kimberly Lau RN Pacemaker Clinic Supervisor
Cardiac Nurse Practitioner
Colleen Creamer RN Congestive Heart Failure, Prevention Rehab
Out-patient CHF Manager
Lyubov Levine PharmD Congestive Heart Failure, Prevention Rehab
Out-patient CHF Manager
Doris Kuang RN Congestive Heart Failure, Prevention Rehab
In-patient CHF Manager
Norma Chow MS Cardiovascular Genetics
Department of Medical Genetics
Vic Melikian MD Chief of Cardiac Surgery
Department of Cardiothoracic Surg
Jay Labourene MD Cardiac Surgery CV-ICU Supervisor
Department of Cardiothoracic Surg
Susan S Tang MD Nuclear Cardiology
Nuclear Medicine
Hong T Hua MD Vascular Medicine Supervisor
Chief of Vascular Surgery

Faculty Outside KP San Francisco

Faculty Name Department
Jennifer Han MD Electrophysiology at Santa Clara
Robert Hayward MD Electrophysiology at Santa Clara
Shirley Park MD Electrophysiology at Santa Clara
Taresh Taneja MD Electrophysiology at Santa Clara
Ahmad Shah MD CCL Mentor, Oakland KPMC
Garwood Gee MD CCL Mentor, Oakland KPMC
Stefanie Kaiser MD CCL Mentor, Oakland KPMC
William Waibel MD CCL Mentor, Walnut Creek KPMC
Kourosh Mastali MD CCL Mentor, Vallejo KPMC
Navid Shafaee MD Cardiac MR, Santa Rosa
Sirtaz Adatya MD Heart Failure and Transplant at Santa Clara
Hemal Parekh MD Heart Failure and Transplant at Santa Clara
Brandon Varr MD Heart Failure and Transplant at Santa Clara
Dana Weisshaar MD Heart Failure and Transplant at Santa Clara
Xiushui M Ren MD Echocardio, TAVR, Research, Redwood City
Dorinna D Mendoza MD Advanced Imaging and Cardiac MR, Oakland
Samir R Thadani MD Echocardiography, South San Francisco
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