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There are 3 fellows each year with their own areas of interests and plans for the future. The program gives them a firm grounding in general cardiology, but also allows them the flexibility to focus on a specific sub-specialty, if desired.

A Word from Our Chief Fellow, Jesse Fitzpatrick

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our program. What drew me to the KPNC Cardiology Fellowship was the tremendous investment placed in each fellow’s professional development. All aspects of the program are designed with education in mind and the leadership is very receptive to feedback. Whatever your individual goals, Jonathan Zaroff and the faculty will move mountains to get you there. Clinical volumes and exposure to rare pathology are excellent as all 4.3 million Northern California Kaiser members are funneled through our two cardiovascular training sites. The Division of Research has some of the largest research databases in the world and houses leaders in the fields of clinical informatics, epidemiology, and health care delivery science. Perhaps the most unique aspect of our program is the collegiality between our fellows and faculty. Whether it be a pickup basketball game, happy hours, or returning Dr. Zaroff’s wicked pickleball serve, everyone at KP is interested in your life and family outside the hospital.

If you choose to join our program you will receive outstanding preparation for a career in general cardiology or a solid foundation on your path to sub-specialty training. Our fellows have secured desirable employment opportunities and/or positions in advanced training programs both in the Bay Area and around the country. I look forward to meeting you and please reach out if you have any questions!

Current Fellows

Jesse Fitzpatrick, MD
Chief Cardiology Fellow, 3rd Year

Umar Malik, MD
3rd Year Cardiology Fellow

Paniz Vafaei, MD
3rd Year Cardiology Fellow

Akshai Subramaniam, MD
2nd year Cardiology Fellow

Jeremy Kong, MD
2nd year Cardiology Fellow

Justin Slade, MD
2nd year Cardiology Fellow

Kent Feng, MD
1st Year Cardiology Fellow

Salvador Hernandez, MD
1st Year Cardiology Fellow

Diana Tobler, MD
1st Year Cardiology Fellow

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