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There are 3 fellows each year with their own areas of interests and plans for the future. The program gives them a firm grounding in general cardiology, but also allows them the flexibility to focus on a specific sub-specialty, if desired.

A Word from Our Chief Fellow

We are a small, highly motivated group and we thoroughly enjoy training at this program. Most of us chose this program because of the outstanding clinical training with a full spectrum of cardiovascular pathology, unique research opportunities and collaboration with regional KPNC facilities, and an opportunity to work with faculty committed to trainee development and mentorship. One of the most important assets to this program is the collegiality between fellows and faculty alike. The fellows are treated like friends and colleagues.

This program is designed to have the fellows learn and succeed. The faculty will frequently step in to facilitate patient care so that the fellows can attend conferences, participate in interesting procedures and even do rotations away from the medical center. Furthermore, we are provided guidance and assistance in securing sub-specialty training or employment.

Though the fellows are an integral part of the cardiology department our program is set up in such a way that it is not dependent on the fellows, leading to an excellent culture and training environment.

Current Fellows

Neha Mantri, MD
Chief Cardiology Fellow

Josh Chung, MD
3rd Year Cardiology Fellow

Moyukh Ghosh, MD
2nd Year Cardiology Fellow

Alexander Hardwick, MD
2nd Year Cardiology Fellow

Kevin Kheder, MD
2nd Year Cardiology Fellow

Jesse Fitzpatrick, MD
1st Year Cardiology Fellow

Umar Malik, MD
1st Year Cardiology Fellow

Paniz Vafaei, MD
1st Year Cardiology Fellow

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