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2020-2021 Chief Residents

“Pursuing a medical career is no easy task but having the opportunity to help treat patients with their foot and ankle problems is worth the investment. I chose the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara podiatry residency program to learn alongside some of the best surgeons in the Bay Area. The population within Silicon Valley makes this program unique servicing patients with all socioeconomic, ethnic and education backgrounds. Kaiser Permanente strives to provide the best care to patients, but also understands the importance of growing future physicians by fostering our individual interests. Whether it be scientific research or medical missions through the Global Health Program – you are always supported. This made the Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Podiatry Residency Program stand out amongst others. I am very blessed to be a part of this program and will continue to carry the integrity and attitude of a KP physician throughout my medical career.”  – Lisa Yoon

“I chose Kaiser as my residency program for many reasons. I was drawn by the diverse patient population and pathologies we see at our hospitals. There is a high, but balanced patient volume in the in-patient, out-patient, and surgical setting which lends itself to high quality teaching by attendings who truly enjoy working with us. Our attendings are from various backgrounds and are not only mindful and kind towards patients but exemplify what it means to practice “good medicine and surgery”. It is easy to find role models for exceptional patient care. One of my favorite aspects of this program are the residents who are motivated to work, learn, and provide support for patients, staff, and other residents. We are a tight knit group and enjoy working together which creates a cohesive environment. I absolutely think I made the right decision and am excited to continue my medical training in Kaiser’s residency program.” – Jessica Hsu

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to get training at Kaiser Santa Clara, San Leandro, and Fremont. I chose this program for many different reasons. For one, Kaiser has one of the best teaching hospitals in the region. The physicians and surgeons are world class and provide an endless source of experience and knowledge. The collegial work environment allows residents to build personal relationships with attending physicians and fellow residents. As a trainee, I have been able to see the diversity of clinical pathologies, trauma cases, and a variety of foot and ankle surgeries. The interactive didactic sessions are one of the best parts of the program. What I love most about this training is the passionate care and priority of all patients. I can say that I have enjoyed every single moment of my time here.”  – Hannah Lee

2nd Year Residents

“I chose Kaiser Santa Clara as my first choice residency program because I enjoyed working with the team as an extern student. The attendings in this program are all amazing teachers and very pleasant to work with. The residency program itself is very comprehensive and will prepare me to be a competent and confident physician. I am very fortunate that I get to be a part of the Kaiser residency family.” – Zhiqi “Yuki” Chen

“I chose Kaiser for residency because of its national recognition as a top ranked foot and ankle surgery program and leading evidence-based medicine practice. As a foreigner, I hold above all, inclusion and acceptance of race, culture and identity. Kaiser’s multicultural work environment and diverse patient population allows for complex daily interactions and multiple perspectives combined in unison with the purpose of tailoring treatment that falls in line with each individual patient’s needs and beliefs.” – Bogdan Grecea

“There were many qualities that specifically drew me to this program. I chose Kaiser Santa Clara because of its well rounded, rigorous academic curriculum and the supportive relationships between the residents and the attendings. The surgical case volume is not only competitive but also very diverse. We primarily scrub with an attending one on one as they guide us through skin to skin procedures. The quality of the clinic is demonstrated by the case variety, which primarily encompasses post op visits, sports medicine related injuries, and wounds without any routine nail care. Since KPSC is an HMO entity, continuity of care is very accessible which allows us to experience the entirety of the treatment course for the same patient. When deciding on a residency program, I wanted to find a place where I would not only get great training but also enjoy my 3 years of residency. I could not be happier with my choice.” – Brandon Kim

1st Year Residents

“Kaiser Santa Clara was the most well rounded residency program I visited. Our training includes ample surgical exposure in complex podiatry cases including trauma, and elective cases with diverse pathologies. The bond between the residents is like none that I’ve seen. Kaiser Santa Clara is has quickly become a second home and I feel incredible grateful to be a part of this family!” – Varsha Salunkhe

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