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Podiatric Surgery Santa Clara - Residents

2021-2022 Chief Residents

“Kaiser Santa Clara was the most well rounded residency program I visited. Our training includes ample surgical exposure in complex podiatry cases including trauma, and elective cases with diverse pathologies. The bond between the residents is like none that I’ve seen. Kaiser Santa Clara is has quickly become a second home and I feel incredible grateful to be a part of this family!” – Varsha Salunkhe

“Upon visiting several residencies, I found that Kaiser Santa Clara had many redeeming qualities that made it a top choice when it came to ranking residency programs. The attendings are approachable and incredibly invested in teaching. There is a strong family feel amongst the residents and opportunities for open discussion. We see a wide variety of pathologies and serve a diverse population. We also have the opportunity to work with many other specialties and residents within Kaiser, all who are passionate about interdisciplinary collaboration. Further, the Bay Area is a wonderful setting for residency, with abundant hiking trails, great restaurants, and beaches and mountains only a few hours away.” – Saira Kumaravel

“When looking for a residency program, I wanted to find one that would expose me to a diverse amount of pathologies while creating an optimal learning environment. The attendings here at Kaiser Santa Clara are committed to our education while pushing us, giving up their free time for our academics, and creating a fun and exciting workplace. Also, being a part of a large teaching hospital helps offer off-service rotations with incredible academic exposure. I feel incredibly lucky to call Kaiser Santa Clara my residency program, and I’m confident I’ll be the best physician and surgeon upon graduating.” – Amber O’Connor

2nd Year Residents

“I chose Kaiser Santa Clara to complete my 3 years of residency because of the amazing training, and wonderful people I encountered during my externship month. I feel, the variety and amount of cases will allow me to become the best foot and ankle surgeon that I can be. The cherry on top for this program is definitely the approachable attending physicians we work with. Everybody here has an open-door policy and is willing to answer any question. When I’m not at the hospital, I enjoy hiking the great outdoors and discovering new restaurants here in Northern California.” – Huaitao “Tom” Zhang

“Kaiser Santa Clara is home to one of the most well-rounded residency programs in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery. Diversity is a pillar of excellent medical education, and I found it in the team, patients, and rigorous academic curriculum of Kaiser Santa Clara. I was drawn to the warm family spirit among the residents and the supportive mentorship from the attendings. I look forward to growing with this team that consistently demonstrates spirited leadership, passion for life-long learning, and genuine concern for others.” – Patricia “Pats” Limcaoco

“I wanted the best training possible with a great learning environment and I found that at Kaiser Santa Clara. Attendings and residents were easily approachable and always willing to teach. Everyone was personable, welcoming, knowledgeable and had an admirable work ethic. All the people I spent time with are people I look up to and hope to emulate in my future practice. Additionally, the quality of exposure, cases and diversity of pathology and population allows for a well-rounded residency experience both clinically and surgically. I feel tremendously blessed to have Kaiser Santa Clara as my residency which will benefit me for many years to come.” – Arjun Vijayakumar

1st Year Residents

“Kaiser Santa Clara was my first externship as a student, and it quickly became my standard of what I wanted in a program based on its many qualities. Given that residents rotate through 3 different hospitals located throughout East Bay and South Bay, it offered a diverse patient population with an abundant number of surgical cases and pathologies that I can learn from. I was especially drawn to the inviting and approachable atmosphere created by the attendings and senior residents who were all willing to share their knowledge and even listen to my ideas. I know that this residency program will help build a strong foundation for surgical skills, clinical diagnosis, and open-mindedness to further my podiatric career. “ – Andrew To

“I sought a program that would offer diverse clinical and surgical experiences, challenge me to think critically, emphasizes patient-centered care, and supports research endeavors. The program at Kaiser Santa Clara embodies all of these qualities, offering a well-rounded curriculum and rigorous training amongst a supportive and fun team. Furthermore, the collaborative relationship between other disciplines allows for discussing the best treatment options for patients with complex cases. Importantly, Kaiser emphasizes physician well-being because self-care is critical before caring for others. Overall, training at Kaiser Santa Clara is preparing me to become a confident foot and ankle surgeon, clinician, and advocate for my patients.” – Khanh Phuong Tong

“Kaiser Santa Clara just felt like the right fit for me for various reasons. I always wanted to be part of a program that provided me with excellent clinical and surgical training and Kaiser Santa Clara has a variety of both. The attendings also trained from various different programs all over the country, which is very beneficial as a resident to learn different ways of doing things. Most importantly, the attendings love teaching and I couldn’t be happier to be part of such a well-rounded program.” – Tamanna Hoque

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