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Podiatric Surgery Santa Clara


The Podiatric Surgical Residency Program in Santa Clara is a three year PMSR with added RRA Certificate position. Three residents are selected annually for the three-year position. The resident’s responsibilities include a very busy outpatient clinic, taking call for hospitalized patients, Emergency Room, and podiatric and orthopedic surgical assisting. The residents are responsible for doing full preoperative and postoperative evaluations on surgical cases. Surgical training is extensive in adult and pediatric forefoot, rear foot, and ankle procedures.

The Santa Clara medical center is a teaching hospital with in-house residents in Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Ob/Gyn, and Podiatry. Students and residents from Stanford and Boston University rotate through the departments of General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Neurology, Otolaryngology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, and Anesthesia. The Division of Podiatric Surgery shares a common clinical facility with the departments  of Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. There is an excellent relationship between the podiatric surgeons and the orthopedic surgeons that allows for a very pleasant collegial working and learning environment.

The Kaiser Santa Clara Podiatric residents have the unique advantage of receiving all three years of their training at Santa Clara and San Leandro/Fremont locations. These sites are large, multidisciplinary, academically oriented teaching facilities making it ideal for receiving all three years of consistent training at high quality facilities.

Podiatry residents participate in scheduled rotations through the departments of Anesthesiology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Vascular Surgery, Infectious Disease, Radiology, Internal Medicine, Orthopedics, Pathology, Emergency Medicine, and Rheumatology. Residents also participate in a monthly journal club, Complex patient clinic, Pediatric foot clinic, Radiology rounds, Joint Podiatry and Vascular surgery rounds, Orthopedic rounds, and Podiatric case rounds. Across the courtyard from the podiatry clinic is a fully equipped workout gym with showers and lockers for Santa Clara staff and residents. Residents are also provided with meal allowances (money determined by call schedule and each resident’s rotation schedule) which can be used at all cafeterias and cafés on the Kaiser campus. For more benefits, please reference to the Salary & Benefits’ page.

Selection Process

All Application to the Kaiser Santa Clara residency program must be made through CASPR.

We receive files of students that have applied to our Podiatric surgical residency program from AACPM. Approximately 20-30 applicants are selected to interview at CRIP. Criteria used for selection include GPA/class rank, Passing scores on the national boards part 1, letters of recommendation, CV, Other activities and involvement in school, etc. Participation in our externship and personal visits our program, are also considered but not required. The interview is generally 20-30 minutes. Candidates are then ranked accordingly and matched through the CASPR match.

For more information, please visit CASPR/CRIP.

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