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San Francisco Bay Area Foot and Ankle Residency Program - Residency Life


Surgical Olympics

Year Surgical Olympic Champions
2023 Craig Krcal, Shawn Kashef, Matthew Kennedy
2022 Fernando Ramirez and Shawn Kashef
2021 Shontal Dionisopoulos, Fernando Ramirez, Craig Krcal Jr
2020 Luke McCann, Megan Ishibashi, Logan Mitchell
2019 Matthew Doyle, Shafiq Prasla, Shontal Dionisopoulos

Annual Attending vs Resident Games

Year Sport Winner
2019 Mini Golf Residents
2018 Kickball Attendings
2017 Kickball Attendings
2016 Kickball Residents
2015 Bowling Attendings
2012 Basketball Residents

2019 Podiatry vs Anesthesia Kickball Tournament

Residency Fun & Relaxation

Please email Esther Arjona with any questions about the program, to set up a visit, or to speak with a resident about their experiences.

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