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Pediatrics Oakland - Research and Scholarship

Recent graduates Vanessa Boshuizen and Lydia Maleknia with Associate Program Director Betsy Hayes at the AAP National Conference 2019, where they presented their REACH community work on a garden-based nutrition education program at a local middle school.

With the terrific backdrop of our organization, Kaiser East Bay pediatric residents have rich opportunities to explore and discover through research and scholarly pursuits. Many of our residents are involved with research and scholarship projects, ranging from clinical inquiries to quality improvement to medical education. Strong support is provided for residents to engage in these pursuits and present their work in a variety of venues.

We have two full-time dedicated research coordinators who support resident research at the Oakland Medical Center. In addition, our residency program has an established relationship with our regional Division of Research (DOR), where residents may access patient databases, statisticians, and other analytical support to assist in project planning, data collection and processing, and vehicles for dissemination. Our residents also receive a yearly educational stipend with additional funds available to support attendance at national conferences to present their work.

Resident Scholarship 2019-2020

Resident Publication Details
Ted Handler, MD, MBA, MPH
Class of 2019
Trends in referrals to a pediatric transgender clinic
Pediatrics, November 2019
Ted Handler, Carlo Hojilla, Reshma Varghese, Whitney Wellenstein, Derek D. Satre, and Eve Zaritsky

Deepika Parmar, MD, MPH
Rebecca Dang, MD
Class of 2018
Risk factors for recurrent community-associated Clostridiodes Difficile infection in children
The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, November 2019
Deepika Parmar, Rebecca Dang, Margo Miranda-Katz, Amy Alabaster, and Tara L Greenhow
Sara Patrizi, DO
Class of 2020
Clinical response to discordant therapy in third-generation cephalosporin-resistant UTIs
Pediatrics, February 2020
Marie E Wang, Vivian Lee, Tara L Greenhow, Jimmy Beck, Michael Bendel-Stenzel, Nicole Hames, Corrie E McDaniel, Erin E King, Whitney Sherry, Deepika Parmar, Sara T Patrizi, Nivedita Srinivas, and Alan R Schroeder
Andy Saxon, MD Class of 2021
“Now I am empowered. Now I am a woman with spirit”: Evaluating CARE’s public health work through a community-organizing framework in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh
International Quarterly of Community Health Education, July 2020
Andrew Saxon, Jessie V Ford


American Academy of Pediatrics
Maleknia LBoshuizen V, Wu M, Pourdavoud C, Dang R, Parmar D. Development and Implementation of a Longitudinal School-Based Community Garden Curriculum by Pediatric Residents (2019)

Academic Pediatric Association Region 10
Olcese M, Dandekar A. Screening Adolescents for Firearm Access in a Pediatric Resident Clinic (2020)
Maleknia L, Boshuizen V, Caputo H, Shah R. Development of a Longitudinal Procedure-Based Curriculum in a Pediatric Residency Program (2019)
Mesznik K, An L, Patel P. Neonatal Intubation Competency and Confidence Education (2019)
Park J, Sujit S, Blumberg M. Improving Consent Documentation of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Placements in the Pediatric Wards and Intensive Care Unit (2019)

Kaiser Permanente East Bay Research and Scholarship Symposium
Boshuizen V, Maleknia L, Wu M, Pourdavoud C, Dang R, Parmar D. The Garden: Bringing Together Resident Outreach with School Nutrition Education. Awarded: Best Community and Advocacy Research Project (2019)

Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Maleknia L, Boshuizen V, Caputo H, Shah R. Improving Pediatric Residents’ Confidence in Performing Procedural Skills Through a Longitudinal Simulation-Based Curriculum (2020)

Student National Medical Association
Charles A, Thompson N. Workshop on Imposter Syndrome (2020)

World Congress on Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition
Stephenson K, Lue J. Real World Experience with Oral Tofacitinib in Pediatric Treatment-Resistant Ulcerative Colitis (2020, Conference cancelled due to COVID-19)

World Professional Association for Transgender Health
Kralik N, Handler T, Zaritsky E, Ojo A, Hojilla C. Regional differences in care for transgender and gender-diverse pediatric patients at a large integrated health care system (2020)

American Academy of Pediatrics
Maleknia L, Kraeber S, Cassidy B, Blumberg M, Shah R, Ng E. Evaluation of Compliance with Activating a Rapid Response Team Based on Pediatric Early Warning Scores on an Inpatient Pediatric Ward: A Quality Improvement Project (2020)

American College of Rheumatology
Patrizi S, Stram D, Weintraub M, Aminoff A. Incidence of Retinopathy in Individuals Who Initiated Hydroxychloroquine Therapy During Childhood (2019)

Association of Pediatric Program Directors
An L, Backus S, Han B, Kane M, Blumberg M. Reducing Pediatric Asthma Hospital Length of Stay through a Multidisciplinary Care Pathway (2020, Conference canceled due to COVID-19)
Backus S, Patrizi S, Chasnovitz R. Improving Documentation Rates of Feedback Given to Pediatric Residents (2020, Conference canceled due to COVID-19)

Kaiser Permanente East Bay Research and Scholarship Symposium
Charles A, Dandekar A. Team Integration of a Novel Pictorial Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) Screening Tool (2020)
Stephenson K, Patel R, Buckelew S, Ziv T. The Epic learning experience: how we introduce medical students to EMR and their feedback for improvement (2020)
Hume P, Bulda T, Chasnovitz R, Dandekar A. Involving Patient-Centered Stakeholders in the Pediatric Residency Applicant Interview Process: Applicant Perspectives on Value from 2019-2020. (2020)

North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition
Nayak K, Hume P, Han B. Severe Case of Rare Collagenous Gastritis in a Pediatric Patient (2020)

Pediatric Academic Societies
Saxon A, Olcese M, Sax D, Vinson D, Durant EJ, Stram DA, Ballard DW. Prevalence of Equivocal Pediatric Abdominal Ultrasound Reports for Suspected Appendicitis in 11 Emergency Departments in an Integrated Delivery System (2020)
Mesznik K, An L, Darbinian J, Ramalingam N, Greenspan L, Lo J. Trends in Pediatric Weight Tracking by Stature among Children with Obesity (2019)
Park J,Pham T, Dandekar A. Improving Neonatal Hepatitis B Vaccination Rates at KP Oakland (2019)
Dandekar A, McNalley T, Park J. Daily Wellness Texts: Building Resilience, Community, and Connectivity in the Clinical Learning Environment (2019)

Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Han B, Backus S, An L, Kane M, Blumberg M. Reducing Pediatric Asthma Hospital Length of Stay Utilizing an EMR-embedded Asthma Severity Score and Custom Asthma Care Pathway Order Panels (2020)

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine
Mesznik K, Ko J, Zhu SX, Sax D. Retrospective Review of Young Children with Food-Induced Anaphylaxis Presenting to the Emergency Department (2020)
Olcese M, Saxon A, Sax D, Vinson D, Durant EJ, Stram DA, Ballard DW. Indeterminate Ultrasound in Pediatric Appendicitis is Prevalent, Poorly Documented, and Predicts Additional Imaging (2020)

Our residents Drs. Lucia An, Sam Backus, and Bruce Han virtually presented this ongoing interprofessional quality improvement work from our inpatient ward at the 2020 Pediatric Hospital Medicine conference.
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