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Pediatrics Oakland - Longitudinal Community Experience


All of our residents participate in a 3-year longitudinal community-based experience called the Kaiser Pediatric Resident Education in Advocacy and Community Health (REACH) program. This unique curriculum affords individual residents the opportunity to engage together with communities throughout the thread of their training, linking experiences at the medical center with neighborhoods and communities.

The overarching goals of the Kaiser Pediatric REACH program are to

  • Develop skills to care effectively for children and families from diverse cultural backgrounds and communities​
  • Become effective advocates for patients at the individual, organizational and legislative levels​
  • Recognize and meet needs for special populations​
  • Learn how pediatricians can work with the educational system to improve the learning environments of children​
  • Recognize the role of public health perspective in child health & health equity​
  • Collaborate with local organization to improve community health


All residents have dedicated REACH time during their clinic weeks. REACH time activities might include

  • Neighborhood resource mapping and needs assessment
  • Participation as liaison with community organizations and leaders for understanding and addressing pediatric health issues
  • Developing and delivering educational talks in collaboration with community organization
  • Local, state, and national advocacy for policies promoting pediatric health issues
  • Development of a longitudinal project at patterning community site

Residents participate in REACH rounds where they share perspectives they have gained. REACH didactic curriculum is lead by our REACH co-leads, Dr. Lisa Turman and Dr. Stephanie Fong-Gomez.

Project spotlights

School Based Garden Curriculum
Several residents of our program have used their REACH time to develop and implement a school-based garden curriculum at Alliance Academy in Oakland, CA. Their curriculum built on work from resident graduates and is funded through an AAP CATCH grant. Some of our residents presented their experiences in community health at the 2019 AAP National Conference in New Orleans, LA.

A resident-led lesson on healthy recipes and safe food handling at REACH site Alliance Academy – students making wraps and pineapple salsa using kale, lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs from the school garden

Sports Equity
Ross Perry (currently PGY 2) has been working with the Positive Coaching Alliance organization in Oakland as part of the Sports Equity Taskforce. The mission is to increase access to sports for underserved youth in Oakland. Ross has been working the with Alliance, Oakland Unified and other community partners to bring free sports physicals to Oakland students who otherwise may not have a way to get sports clearance otherwise. An event is set for August 2023 in the hopes of making sure underserved youth have less barriers in the way to playing.

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