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Internal Medicine Oakland - Alumni Careers & Fellowship Matches

Similar proportions of our residents pursue careers in subspecialty fellowships, primary care, or hospital medicine.  Most choose to practice at Kaiser Permanente after seeing the multiple benefits of our health system to both patients and physicians. Several graduates work in public health, in community safety net settings, or in clinical or research positions at universities.  Regardless of where our graduates practice, many hold leadership or teaching positions.

Graduates 2013 – 2023

  • Fellowships: 50
  • Primary Care: 46
  • Hospital Medicine: 35
  • MPH at UC Berkeley: 22

Outstanding Fellowship Match Success!

Fellowship Matches since 2016

Allergy & Immunology at Johns Hopkins- Polly Huang
Cardiology at UC Davis- Carter English
Cardiology at Kaiser San Francisco- Paniz Vafaei, Joshua Chung
Cardiology Advanced Heart Failure at UCSF- Billy Vicks
Community Medicine Fellowship at Oakland Kaiser – Shefali Nath
Endocrinology at Massachusetts General/ Harvard – Kristine Gu
Endocrinology at UCSF – Stephanie Kim
Endocrinology at University of Washington – Tiffany Nguyen
General Medicine Research- Primary Care Disparities at Harvard- Jessica Himmelstein
General Medicine Research- Epidemiology at Harvard- Esme Cullen
Geriatrics at UCLA – David Lee, Chelsea Gong, Betsy Yang
Geriatrics at UCSF- Angelin Cheng
Geriatrics at Stanford- Christina Li
Global Health HEAL Fellowship at UCSF- Zena Salim
Hematology/Oncology at UC Davis – Neha Damle
Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at UCLA Harbor- Adnan Khan
Hematology/Oncology Fellowship at University of Miami- Raleigh Fatoki
Hospital Medicine Research at UCSF – Nate Jurgens
Infectious Diseases at Vanderbilt- Paul Wada
Infectious Diseases at NYU- Paul Wada
Informatics at Beth Israel (Boston)- Jerry Liu
Nephrology at University of Washington – Nhi Tan
Nephrology at UCLA- Apoorva Ananth
Nephrology at UCSF- Uchenna Nwosu, Jaclyn Khil
Palliative Care at Mt. Sinai- Spencer Christensen
Palliative Care at Stanford – Andy Sevier
Palliative Care at Harbor UCLA- David Oh
Palliative Care at UCSF – Jules Vieaux
Palliative Care at UC Davis –Lannie Santo
Patient Safety Fellow at Stanford- Josh Chang, Dona Haysbert
Palliative Care at UC Davis –Lannie Santo
Pulmonary/ Critical Care at Harbor UCLA- Navneet Ramesh
Pulmonary/ Critical Care at UCSF – Tyronda Elliot
Pulmonary/ Critical Care at UC Davis – Pierce Stewart
Pulmonary/ Critical Care at Robert Wood Johnson/ Cooper- Bryan Lee
Pulmonary/ Critical Care at Kaiser Oakland- Eric Sumner and Tess Fitzpatrick
Rheumatology at UCSF – Lucy Liu

Fellowship matches prior to 2016

Endocrinology at UC Davis – Erin McCorry
Infectious Disease at Yale—Dharushana Muthulingam
Infectious Disease at Boston University – Amanda Thorton
Cardiology at Harbor UCLA – Joanne Vu
Cardiology at Jefferson/Christiana – Adrienne Topic
Infectious Disease at Cedar-Sinai – Jake Scott
Geriatrics at Stanford University – Sowmya Srinivasan
Pulmonary/Critical Care at UC Irvine – Peter Liebling
Palliative Medicine at Stanford University – Deborah Doberne
Infectious Disease at Louisiana State University – John Nanfro
Gastroenterology at CPMC – Dayanna Carcamo-Medina
Cardiology at University of Minnesota, Hennepin Medical Center – Amatul Hasan
Nephrology at University of New Mexico – Preet Sandhu
Hematology and Oncology at McGill University – Amit Garg
Pulmonary/Critical Care at UC Irvine – Wilson Yan
Rheumatology at UC Irvine – Miten Vasa
Rheumatology at University of Washington – Eyal Kedar
Allergy and Immunology at UC Davis – Nancy Ekeke
Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Fellowship – Ben Mansalis

I am very fortunate to have trained at Kaiser Oakland. The attendings, program directors, nurses, and ancillary staff are extremely supportive and provide excellent patient care. There are many opportunities for learning including unique pathology in our patient population, daily reports, research projects, journal clubs, quality improvement projects. Kaiser Oakland prepared me for the next step in my career, Hematology/Oncology.

Amit Garg, MD, Hematology Oncology Fellow

There were many reasons why I chose Kaiser Permanente at Oakland Medical Center for residency – It offered an opportunity for my wife and me to come back and live in the wonderful Bay Area; to interact with and treat a diverse patient population, and to be part of an intimate community program without losing the feel and/or resources of a large academic center. Most importantly, I chose Kaiser Oakland because I wanted to be in a program that would train me well for a career in medicine. To this, I’ve certainly not been disappointed. I’m thankful for the variety of cases I’ve been exposed to as well as the high-quality educational sessions provided by faculty and staff who are supportive and passionate about teaching. I’m grateful for the relationships I’ve made including all my fellow residents who not only will be future colleagues, but also lifelong friends. As I begin the next phase of my life with a fellowship in cardiology, I feel confident and well prepared because of my experiences at Kaiser Oakland.

Josh Chung, MD, Cardiology Fellow

Dr. Zena Salim is a 2021 graduate from the IM residency at Kaiser Oakland and 2021–2023 UCSF HEAL Global Health Fellow

I’m from Kenya, and so that played a huge role in to my passion for health equity. Once I got to high school, I started to experience a lot of death and loss in my family. It was always due to a lack of health equity in a way that didn’t exist in the US.  I always felt that if they were only here in the US, then they would probably still be here today. Even though I can’t fix that or bring them back, I can dedicate my career to preventing other people from facing health inequities or at least decreasing the gap. This passion brought me to medicine, and the Global Health experiences in Africa during residency at Kaiser Oakland fueled this passion further. I am excited to explore a Global Health career path in more depth through the UCSF HEAL fellowship which will station me abroad in Rwanda as well as on the Navajo reservation. Residency at Kaiser Oakland has prepared me well for the challenges ahead!

Paul Wada, MD, graduate from Keck/ USC School of Medicine and from the IM residency at Kaiser Oakland and 2020–2023 Infectious Diseases Fellow at Vanderbilt University

I couldn’t have made a better decision coming to Kaiser Oakland for residency. It allowed me to return home to my family in the East Bay and meet the BEST group of co-residents. This program will prepare you for anything and everything. Whether you’re looking for primarily clinical practice or a career with more focus on research, Kaiser Oakland gives you all the tools you need to succeed. I was interested in Infectious Diseases early on, so I was ecstatic to have so many opportunities available to me. I had phenomenal research mentors, plenty of dedicated time to work on projects, and the chance to treat patients with transplant infections in a rotation at UCSF-Moffitt. I felt fully prepared for fellowship and independent practice. I hope you’ll give Kaiser Oakland some thought as you approach interview season – I’m confident you’ll have a similar experience if you match here.

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