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Family Medicine Santa Rosa - Physician Wellness

Physician Health and Resilience

Our program values wellness and a healthy work/life balance. We believe that doctors who take care of themselves take better care of their patients. With a humane schedule (no overnight shifts in the first year and no 24-hour call at all!), strict adherence to ACGME Resident Work Hours requirements, and supportive faculty, we ensure that our residents “thrive.” Our faculty model healthy, balanced lifestyles.

Formal residency wellness practice includes:

  • Resident Balint Group: Balint is a group method of discussing and reflecting on the doctor-patient relationship. The purpose of the Balint Group Session is to build empathy for the patient and to explore creatively the unique bond between doctor and patient.
  • Personal & Professional Development (P&PD) Groups: Regularly scheduled with protected time for each class, twice per block, Personal and Professional Development (P&PD) sessions are facilitated by a faculty member to foster support and community during this dramatic time of growth and experience.
  • Residents participate in HeartMath training and mind-body techniques such as guided visualization, and meditation.
  • Quarterly administration of the Physician Wellness Inventory(PWI) to monitor resident’s emotional and mental health.
  • Residents have access to our Integrative Medicine Curriculum includes time for self-reflection, personal health goal setting, and respect for the body, mind, and spiritual aspects of the resident experience.
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