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Family Medicine Santa Rosa - Faculty

Our residents will train with dynamic, dedicated faculty in Family Medicine as well as an experienced and enthusiastic team of specialists throughout a single, centrally located, state-of-the-art medical center. You will have three impactful years of personal and professional growth, encouraged and empowered by colleagues who are dedicated to your education and future.

Patricia Hiserote, DO
Program Director

Rachel Friedman, MD

Rachel Friedman, MD
Interim Program Director

David Koida, MD
Associate Program Director

Robert Martinez, MD
Curriculum Director: Pediatrics, DEIA and Simulation

Adrienne Silver, MD
Director of Graduate Medical Education, Pediatrics Outpatient Rotation Director

Kate Feibusch, MD
Community Medicine Fellowship Site Director, Global Medicine Director, Resident Advisor

Kayla Flores Tindall, MD
Community Medicine and Integrative Medicine Rotation Director, Resident Advisor

J. Anthony Saenz, MD
Curriculum Director: Inpatient Medicine, ICU, Didactics, Capstone; Resident Advisor

Michelle Mertz, MD

Michelle Mertz, MD
Gynecology Curriculum Director, FM OB Physician Faculty, Director of Residency Advising

Christina Hamilton, MD

Chris Hamilton, MD
OB Curriculum Director and FM OB Teaching Faculty

Julia Shaver, MD
Curriculum Director: Scholarly Activity, Health Systems Management; Resident Advisor

Naomi McAuliffe, DO
Continuity Clinic Rotation Director; Curriculum Director: Procedures, Surgery, Dermatology; Resident Advisor

Jeffrey Meckler, MD
Module Leader and FM Teaching Faculty

Audra Lehman, MD

Audra Lehman, MD
FM OB Teaching Faculty

Shannon McDermott, PhD
Lead Senior Research Project Manager

Armand Braun, MD

Armand Braun, MD
Behavioral Medicine Rotation Co-Director

Lynn Lamb, PsyD
Behavioral Medicine Rotation Co-Director

Michael Yoo, MD
Inpatient Medicine Rotation Director

Cheryl McBride, DO
Emergency Medicine Rotation Director

Amy Merchant, MD
Gynecology Rotation Director

Shawn Hsieh, MD

Shawn Hsieh, MD
MSK & Sports Medicine Rotation Director

Yelena Lapan, DO
Resident Advisor

Carlos Garcia, MD
Resident Advisor

Julet Baltonado
FM Teaching Faculty and Resident Advisor

Damian Bello, MD
FM Teaching Faculty and Resident Advisor

Lauren Glaser
FM Teaching Faculty and Resident Advisor

Daniel Ayala Ortiz
FM Teaching Faculty and Resident Advisor

Samuel Peaslee, MD
Resident Advisor

Kim Eisert
GME Supervisor

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