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Family Medicine San Jose - Faculty

Francis Chu, MD
Program Director, Director of GME, Balint Facilitator, HBS Curricular Director

Divya Reouk, MD
Associate Program Director, Didactics Director, Professional Development Lead, Integrative/Lifestyle Medicine Director, Advisor

Jacob Evans, DO
Associate Program Director, PEC Chair, FMP Director, Sports Medicine, Advisor

Hela Issaq, MD
Associate Program Director, CCC Chair, Community Medicine Fellowship Site Director, Scholarly Activity Director, Advisor

AFM Assistant Chief, Dermatology/Procedure Curriculum Director

Lucy Martinez, MD
Community Medicine Associate Curricular Director, IDEA Curricular Director, Advisor, La Salud FM Lead, Practica Conmigo Profesora

Navin Luthra, MD
Emergency/Urgent Care Curriculum Director, Advisor

Heena Panchal, MD

Heena Panchal, MD
Behavioral Faculty, Mental Health Curriculum Director, Wellness Director, Balint Facilitator

Vira Fomenko, MD
Overall Curricular Director, Research Director

Emily Hsiao, MD
Schedule Director, Surgery Curriculum Director, Advisor

Silvia Shin, DO
ACEs Champion, Balint Facilitator, Head and Neck Surgery Curriculum Director, Endocrinology Curriculum Director

Brooke Harris, PhD
Research Project Manager, GME Administrative Team

Sergio Gonzalez, MD
OB/GYN RHEDI Curriculum Lead, ALSO Course Director

Melissa Liu, MD
AFM Module Lead, Residency Clinic Director

Sejal Patel, MD
Peer Review Lead, Urology Curriculum Director, Student Rotation Director

Kenneth Tan, MD
Department Technology Lead, Pediatrics Curriculum Director

Kim Hartwig, MD
Cisco Clinic Physician, Community Medicine Faculty

Michael Vu, MD
Quality Improvement Director, PM&R Curriculum Director

Valerie Halls, MD
OB/GYN Curriculum Director

Farhana Rob, DO
Hematology/Oncology/Nephrology Curriculum Director

Edan Wernik, MD
Coding/Tobacco Cessation Champion, Allergy/Ophthalmology Curricular Director

Kathryn Erickson-Ridout, MD

Kathryn Erickson-Ridout, MD
Research Director

Allan Yap, DO
Cardiology Curriculum Director

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