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Pathway Programs

Our residency recognizes the importance of increasing diversity in medicine for the betterment of all. As such, we work diligently to provide support for a variety of pathway programs at several levels of education and are continuously working to expand. We lead our local Kaiser Permanente Summer Careers Pathways Program (SCPP), a high school program that increases exposure to careers in healthcare for underrepresented students in San Jose. We also work closely with the Stanford Summer Community College Premedical Program (SSCCPP), which focuses on talented and motivated community college students interested in medicine by immersing them through a variety of personal and professional development experiences. Several of our residents and faculty participate as mentors through various mentorship programs, including Mentorship in Medicine and Science (MIMS) and the Kaiser Permanente/Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Clinical Shadowing and Mentorship Program (CSMP).


We have integrated advocacy into our curriculum to familiarize our residents with local issues that may impact our patients’ health, an initiative we have called Advocacy with Accountability. We have an established relationship with a local grassroots community organization called Show Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) that works to end racism and discrimination throughout Silicon Valley through community organizing, mobilization and education. Our residents attend this organization’s monthly meetings and disseminate information and report back on actionable items that our residents and faculty can help support.


We have a designated DEI curriculum that we have titled IDEA or Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Anti-racism/Allyship. This consists of lectures given to both residents and faculty in several topics, including microaggressions, privilege, intersectionality, racism in medicine, etc. In addition to integrated lectures, we have an active group of self-selected residents and faculty committed to promoting these subjects within our residency and department. This committee (Residency Diversity Committee) meets once a quarter and is responsible for leading our IDEA curriculum. They host residency dinner sessions once a quarter, during which we view a video/documentary on a current social issue, with a subsequent discussion, which we have called Rehumanizing Medicine. They also participate in recruitment events including diversity socials during interviews, conferences, etc. And they are responsible for leading our annual 21 Day Anti-racism/Anti-oppression Challenge and one additional community project of their choice.

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