Kaiser North Bay Consortium at Vallejo, Vacaville, Santa Rosa, and San Rafael

The Podiatric Surgery program at Kaiser Hospital Vallejo is structured as a consortium model where our residents train not only at Kaiser Vallejo but also at the Kaiser Permanente medical centers in Vacaville, San Rafael and Santa Rosa. We select three residents per year for the PM&S 36 with Added Credential program.  First year rotations are completed at Kaiser Vallejo and Vacaville except for two months of outside rotations at San Francisco General Hospital Plastic Surgery Service and Highland Hospital Emergency Room. The second and third years of training consist of rotating four month podiatric surgery blocks at each of the three medical centers.  Kaiser Vallejo recently split into two medical centers with the second hospital located in nearby Vacaville, CA.

We provide high level training in every area of podiatric medicine and surgery with emphasis on continuity of care, a dedication to the principles of evidence based medicine and contribution to the scientific literature. Podiatric Surgeons in Northern California Kaiser are fully integrated into the medical community and residency training benefits from this high level of parity.  In addition Kaiser Permanente provides a fully intergrated Electronic Medical Record so residents train with the most advanced Information Technology available.

We have a clerkship program for fourth year students but it is not required for application to the residency. We do require applicants to be new graduates with a minimum 3.25 GPA. Make sure to check out the links to Our Residents and Our Faculty.

Thank you for your interest in our program. If you have any questions feel free to contact me – Dr. Williams at gray.williams@kp.org

Selection Process

Kaiser North Bay Consortium selects residents through CASPR attending CRIP with a full interview team of attendings and residents. We do have an externship program at Vallejo/Vacaville and Santa Rosa but do not limit candidates to those externs. All applicants are required to maintain a minimum 3.25 GPA and we interview both externs and non-externs at the CRIP. The residency selection committee is made up of second year residents and attendings from each of the three consortium hospitals: Kaiser Vallejo, Kaiser Santa Rosa and Kaiser San Rafael.

The interview is typically 30 minutes in length and consists of a presentation of a topic of the applicants choice. It should be approximately 8 minutes long and follow a format where there is a case presentation which is then developed into a topical discussion of the diagnosis presented. Include a literature review, current standards of care, and any relevant classification schemes and/or treatment controversies. Once CRIP interviews are completed, the residency selection committee discusses the applicants then each member ranks the candidates individually. Those rankings are tabulated and averaged to give a final ranking of the candidates.