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San Francisco Residency Program Leadership

Erin Niemasik, MD
Residency Program Director

Gavin Jacobson, MD
Associate Program Director

Stephanie Terry, MD
Associate Program Director

Erica Weiss, MD
Associate Program Director

Maryl Sackeim, MD
Associate Program Director

Sandra Torrente, MD
Director Graduate Medical Education

Kathryn Houston, MD
UCSF Medical Student Clerkship Site Director

Monica Kendrick, MD
Chief, Department of Ob/Gyn

Aida Shirazi, PhD
GME Research Project Manager

Our program has a full-time faculty of more than 50 Obstetrician and Gynecology Specialists and Subspecialists, composed of dedicated and accomplished physician educators. The following are just a few highlights of our major Divisions:

Exceptional Leadership

Our residency training program is administered by highly qualified faculty, each bringing unique expertise and experience. Our department has the largest group of faculty inducted into our medical center’s Academy of Medical Educators including Drs. Cosca, Garcia, Jacobson, Littell, Niemasik, Powell, Terry, Torrente, and Weiss.

Program Director

Dr. Erin Niemasik recently assumed the position of Program Director after working closely with Dr. Jacobson (previous PD) for two years administering all aspects of our training program. Prior to that she served as an associate program director focused on ambulatory education, advocacy, DEI, and wellness. She has extensive educational experience and is an active member of the Kaiser Academy of Medical Educators.

Dr. Niemasik is also a board member of the San Francisco Gynecologic Society and organizes their annual resident research evening. She is currently completing the APGO Scholars and Learners program, with a project focused on resident wellness and resilience.

Associate Program Directors

Dr. Gavin Jacobson was the recent Program Director, a role he held for 14 years. He has also served as an ABOG Oral Examiner, was the past president of the San Francisco Gynecologic Society and is still active in the Society for Academic Specialists in General Obstetrics and Gynecology. He also recently finished his term on the ACGME ObGyn Residency Review Committee, supporting the accreditation process for all ObGyn, MFM, REI, FPMRS, and Gyn-Onc training programs.

Dr. Erica Weiss directs our comprehensive surgical skills curriculum. She co-directs the Gender Pathways Clinic, collaborating with Internal Medicine, Mental Health, and Plastic Surgery to provide sensitive multi-disciplinary care for transgender patients. Dr. Weiss is the Northern California OB/GYN lead for Transgender Health and is a resource for healthcare providers across our national organization. She is the lead for our new Transgender Healthy and Advocacy rotation.

Dr. Stephanie Terry coordinates our didactic curriculum and leads our training in Patient Safety, Clinical Quality Improvement, and Critical Event Team Training. She is a Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator and previously helped run our Kaiser Patient Safety Fellowship. Dr. Terry has attended the IHI patient safety executive development program, has Team STEPPS Master Training certification, and is a Communication Consultant for our Medical Center, leading workshops and providing one-on-one counseling sessions. She also leads our ultrasound curriculum and runs our ultrasound simulations.

Dr. Maryl Sackeim leads our Continued Medical Education series, coordinating speakers for Grand Rounds and overseeing the residents in weekly Morbidity and Mortality conferences. She has fellowship training in Complex Family Planning and oversees training in abortion and contraception. She also works with residents to prepare for written and oral boards, resident research projects, and to develop individual learning plans.

Specialty and Sub-specialty Divisions

We have all the major sub-specialists in our field as well as some unique sub-specialties to provide broad and in-depth training. The following are just a few highlights of these major Divisions:

Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM)

Led by Dr. Danny Wu, the MFM group includes Drs. Anne Regenstein, Justin Collingham, and Kirsten Salmeen. The MFM group provides care for complex obstetric patients. Because of our center’s cardiology expertise, the MFM group manages many pregnant patients with congenital heart disease. They cover a busy inpatient antepartum teaching service and ambulatory clinics. They also staff the Prenatal Diagnostic Center, performing ultrasounds, invasive testing and fetal reduction. The MFM Division is very active in supporting resident research projects. Dr. Salmeen is our sub-specialty educator and leads our High Risk Obstetric Sub-I Rotation. Dr. Regenstein is the Chair of the Kaiser Permanente Northern California MFM group.

Gynecologic Oncology

Led by Dr. Bethan Powell, the Gyn-Onc Division includes Drs. Ramey Littell and Christine Garcia. Dr. Powell is Medical Director for the San Francisco Women’s Hereditary Cancer Risk Clinic. She is a nationally recognized researcher in hereditary cancer risk and risk management, regional lead for Kaiser Northern California robotic surgery, and SGO Ambassador to US Senate and House. Dr. Littell is a member of NRG Oncology, one of five major arms of the NCI National Clinical Trials Network. Dr. Powell is PI for NRG and GOG Foundation cooperative group clinical trials in KPNC. The Division includes Dr. Michael Bookman, a renowned gyn medical oncologist.

Dr. Bethan Powell is one of a select group of physicians honored with the 2021 Morris F. Colleen Research Award for her work in prevention and early detection of hereditary cancers and how to support women in their decisions around preventative surgery. The Morris F. Collen Research Award recognizes TPMG physicians who make significant contributions to scientific literature, and to the health of our communities.

Dr. Powell joined The Permanente Medical Group mid-career in 2008 and immediately founded the multidisciplinary Hereditary Cancer Center at KP San Francisco. She then collaborated with TPMG physician colleagues to create a network of five additional centers, for which she won a Sidney Garfield Exceptional Contribution award in 2019. Dr. Powell’s body of research informed the development of this network of clinics, and it continues to influence evidence-based clinical guidelines and improve care for women at inherited cancer risk in KP Northern California and beyond. One recent example is her study on streamlining genetic testing for women with ovarian cancer, published in Gynecologic Oncology in November 2020. One need look no further than the more than 100 research articles Dr. Powell has published in the past 30 years to appreciate her passion for improving care for women with increased hereditary risk for breast and ovarian cancer.

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

At the Center for Reproductive Health and Fertility at Kaiser San Francisco, our Board-certified Reproductive Endocrinology physicians (Drs. Irene Moy and Viji Sundaram) work hand-in-hand with our highly skilled Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Coordinators, and Women’s Behavioral Health Psychologist to deliver the most comprehensive and coordinated individualized care available. The medical services we provide include advanced laboratory and ultrasound evaluation as well as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) services. They work closely with our world-class minimally invasive surgeons and reproductive urologists to provide a comprehensive approach for the unique needs of infertile patients. Dr. Irene Moy is Division Chief and directed the expansion of our highly successful IVF program with a state-of-the-art IVF Facility in San Francisco in 2021. Dr. Viji Sundaram is our sub-specialty educator and has special interest in fertility preservation for transgender individuals.

Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery

Led by Dr. Michelle Morrill, the FPMRS Division includes Dr. Carrie Jung. This division provides comprehensive care for common pelvic floor disorders like incontinence and vaginal prolapse as well as complex urogynecologic disorders such as bladder pain syndrome and repair of vaginal fistula. Dr. Morrill additionally is a leader in the hospital Highly Reliable Surgical Teams committee working on quality improvement in the operating room. Dr. Morrill is also part of our transgender surgery program and supports the Kaiser FPMRS Fellowship in the East Bay. Dr. Carrie Jung is our sub-specialty educator and has special interest complex pelvic floor conditions.

Chronic Pelvic Pain & Vulvo-Vaginal Disorders

This incredibly unique Division is led by Drs. Jennifer Gunter and Jennifer Schmitt. Dr. Gunter has fellowship training in Infectious Diseases and Pain Medicine. She is a world-leading expert, who has led efforts to increase the knowledge base and referral practices for vulvo-vaginal disease among all Kaiser Permanente Northern California Ob/Gyn providers. She has helped expand our faculty expertise for resident education in these areas to include Dr. Ashley Young.

Hospitalist Division

Led by Dr. Sarah Mandel, and includes Drs. Merritt McLean, Stephanie Terry, Michelle Van Ooy, and Neeru Gupta. Dr. Mandel is an expert and regional lead in Communication, and Medical Director of Perinatal Services. She also is the Physician Lead for Maternity Care Experience in Northern California and a member of the Hospital Operations Leadership Team. Dr. Merritt McLean is fellowship-trained in Patient Safety and is a Certified Professional in Patient Safety and the Assistant Medical Director. Dr. McLean has led efforts to establish a public cord blood donation program at our Medical Center, one of only 13 donation sites in California. Dr. Gupta is the Northern California Kaiser Director of Perinatal Patient Safety Program and a TeamSTEPPS Master Trainer.

Benign Gynecologic Surgery Division

Composed of five core expert surgeons, Drs. Erica WeissLily TanArlene Cosca, Sha Jin, and Vicky Ng, and includes sub-specialist surgeons (Drs. Morrill and Jung). These surgeon-educators perform the most advanced laparoscopic, robotic and vaginal operative procedures and support our comprehensive surgical simulation curriculum including extensive training in the Fundamentals of Laparoscopy (FLS) program. Residents work closely with the Gyn faculty of the week managing inpatients and surgical emergencies as well as in structured teaching sessions and in the skills lab. Dr. Cosca recently became the Kaiser San Francisco Co-Chief of Volunteerism.

Kaiser San Francisco Faculty

In addition to 5 ObGyn specialist faculty (Drs. Chan, Houston, McLean, Norrell, and Schuttler) with expertise in advanced family planning, the Department has Sub-specialist Faculty:

Specialist Division
Faculty Name Residency Areas of Interest
Lauren Barres, MD University of California, Los Angeles Site Chief, Postpartum and Lactation Care
Michelle Bourgault, MD Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Fibroid Management, Communication Consultant
Rachel Brodie, MD Los Angeles County and University of Southern California OB/GYN Specialist
Christina Bryant, MD Harbor UCLA Assistant Chief, Ob/Gyn
Pam Chan, MD University of California, San Francisco Site Chief Mission Bay; Regional MAPP leadership
Stacy Fang, MD Harbor, UCLA OB/GYN Specialist
Isabel Greenfield, MD Kaiser San Francisco Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, Department Technology Lead
Nita Godhwani, MD University of California, San Francisco Lower Genital Tract Dysplasia
Victoria Hall, MD Kaiser San Francisco Medical Center Wellness leader
Shawna Hedley, MD Beth Isreal Medical Center, NY Cancer Survivorship, Menopause
Kathryn Houston, MD University of California, San Francisco Medical Student Education
Susan Huang, MD University of Pennsylvania OB/GYN Specialist
Amy Huibonhoa, MD University of California, Irvine Ambulatory Patient Safety and QI, Advocacy
Gavin Jacobson, MD University of California, San Francisco Associate Program Director, Colposcopy
Monica Kendrick, MD Kaiser San Francisco Department Chief
Zarine Kotian, MD Lenox Hill Hospital Women’s health liason
Erin Niemasik, MD NY Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell Medical Center Residency Program Director
Laura Norrell, MD University of California, San Francisco Member Advisory Council lead; patient-centered care
Dawn Ogawa, MD University of California, San Francisco Assistant Physician in Chief of Medical Center
Anna Rabinov, MD Washington University Barnes Hospital Department Technology Lead
Lester Reffigee, MD University of Illinois at Chicago OB/GYN Specialist
Kendra Sawaya, MD Kaiser San Francisco Cervical Cancer Screening
Harmony Schuttler, MD Kaiser San Francisco Site Chief; Clinical quality improvement
Janie Sze, MD Harbor UCLA Departmental Quality Lead
Silvia Teran, MD University of California, Los Angeles OB/GYN Specialist, Health Engagement
Claire Tobias, MD Columbia University OB/GYN Specialist
Sandra Torrente, MD University of Kansas Director Graduate Medical Education, Healthcare disparities; Global Health
Victoria Woo, MD Kaiser Oakland OB/GYN Specialist
Zhi Xiong, MD Mount Sinai OB/GYN Specialist
Ashley Young, MD University of California, Davis Quality and Peer Review
Corey Young, MD Santa Clara Valley Medical Center Department Technology Lead
Kimberly Young, MD Santa Rosa Family Medicine Adolescent Gynecology; Complementary and Integrative Medicine
Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
Faculty Name Residency Fellowship
Justin Collingham, MD Northwestern University Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Stanford University
Anne Regenstein, MD New York Hospital – Cornell Medical Center Maternal-Fetal Medicine, UCSF
Kirsten Salmeen, MD; Residency Subspecialty Educator University of Michigan Maternal-Fetal Medicine, UCSF
Danny Wu, MD, Division Chief Tufts University
New England Medical Center
Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Columbia University
Division of Gynecologic Oncology
Faculty Name Residency Fellowship
Michael Bookman, MD Beth Israel Hospital Medicine Branch, National Cancer Institute
Christine Garcia, MD; Residency Subspecialty Educator Kaiser San Francisco Gynecologic Oncology, University of Virginia
Ramey Littell, MD; Gyn-Onc Fellowship Site Director Chands Hospital, University of Florida Gynecologic Oncology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Bethan Powell, MD; Division Chief Pennsylvania Hospital Gynecologic Oncology, Barnes Jewish Hospital
Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility
Faculty Name Residency Fellowship
Irene Moy, MD, Division Chief Northwestern University Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, Northwestern University
Viji Sundaram, MD, Residency Subspecialty Educator Medical College of Georgia Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility, UCSF
Division of Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery
Faculty Name Residency Fellowship
Michelle Morrill, MD; Division Chief Thomas Jefferson Medical College Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, UCSD
Carrie Jung, MD; Residency Subspecialty Educator USC Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, UCSD
Division of Benign Gynecologic Surgeons
Faculty Name Residency Areas of Interest
Arlene Cosca, MD Kaiser Oakland Global Health; Resident Oral Board Review; Co-Chief of Volunteerism
Sha Jin, MD Kaiser San Francisco Ob/Gyn Specialist
Lily Tan, MD University of California, Los Angeles Director, Minimally Invasive Surgery Program; Office hysteroscopy, ablation, sterilization; Instructor, surgical simulation
Erica Weiss, MD University of California, San Francisco Associate Residency Program Director; Surgical Simulation; Transgender Medicine; Family Planning; Minimally Invasive Surgery
Vicki Ng, MD Brigham and Women’s- Massachusetts General Hospital MIGS fellowship at Baylor COM
Division of Chronic Pelvic Pain and Vulvo-Vaginal Diseases
Faculty Name Residency Fellowship
Jennifer Gunter, MD; Division Chief University of Western Ontario Infectious Disease, University of Kansas
Jennifer Schmitt, MD Kaiser Oakland Chronic Pelvic Pain, Kaiser San Francisco
Family Planning Division
In addition to 6 ObGyn specialist faculty (Drs. Chan, Houston, McLean, Ogawa, Norrell, and Schuttler) with expertise in advanced family planning, the Department has Sub-specialist Faculty:
Faculty Name Residency Fellowship
Maryl Sackeim, MD University of Pennsylvania Family Planning, University of Chicago
Anna Buchsbaum, MD Kaiser Oakland Family Planning, Emory University
Hospitalist Division
Faculty Name Residency Areas of Interest
Neeru Gupta, MD George Washington University Perinatal Patient Safety
Sarah Mandel, MD; Division Chief Kaiser San Francisco Medical Director Perinatal Services; Communication Consultant
Merritt McLean, MD Kaiser San Francisco Patient Safety Fellowship, Kaiser San Francisco
Stephanie Terry, MD Albert Einstein College of Medicine Assistant Program Director; Quality Improvement; Ultrasonography; Critical Event Team Training
Michelle Van Ooy, MD SUNY Brooklyn Kings County High-risk Pregnancy, Family Planning
Division of Benign Gynecologic Surgeons at Kaiser South San Francisco
Faculty Name Residency Areas of Interest
Elizabeth Corey, MD Duke University Minimally Invasive Surgery
Bhakti Gangapurkar, MD Kaiser San Francisco Comprehensive Ob/Gyn
Michelle Jondreau, MD Kaiser Oakland Chief of Ob/Gyn
Raya Mirsky, MD Kaiser San Francisco Comprehensive ob/gyn; Resident Education
Jaime Ocampo, MD, Site Director, Kaiser South San Francisco UCLA Medical Center Endometriosis, adenomyosis, pelvic pain
Jenna Robbins, MD Tulane University Gynecologic Surgery
Kathleen Ryan, MD University of Southern California Comprehensive Ob/Gyn Care
Tina Tan, MD University of California, San Francisco Minimally Invasive Surgery
William Zuber, MD University of California, San Francisco Urogynecology
Additional Teaching Faculty
Faculty Name Residency Fellowship/Areas of Interest
Raveen Gogia, MD, Kaiser San Rafael, liaison for resident education Kaiser San Francisco Patient Safety, CETT
Maurenn Cho, MD, Kaiser San Rafael Kaiser San Francisco MIGS at Albert Einstein/Montefiore Medical Center
Rachel Intriago, MD, Kaiser South San Francisco, liaison for resident education George Washington University Operative vaginal delivery
Adekemi Oguntala, MD, Kaiser South San Francisco Pediatrics, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children, Philadelphia Adolescent Medicine, Stanford
Nivia Acosta, MD, Site Director, Walnut Creek & Antioch Montefiore Medical Center Minimally Invasive Surgery, Pelvic Pain
Melissa Slivka, MD, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Kaiser San Francisco Cedars-Sinai Cedars-Sinai and UCSF
Mindy Goldman, MD; Professor, UCSF; Director, Women’s Care Cancer Program, Carol Franc Buck Breast Care Center University of California, San Francisco Gyn care to breast cancer survivors
Karen Meckstroth, MD; Associate Clinical Professor, UCSF; Director, UCSF Women’s Options Center University of Southern California Family Planning Fellowship, University of California, San Francisco

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