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Obstetrics & Gynecology Residency Training Program Kaiser San Francisco

Academic Training in a Positive Learning Environment

Our residency is an ideal hybrid of University and Community-based programs. We have tremendous research opportunities and support in a rigorous academic environment training the next generation of ObGyn physician-leaders. We offer high volume obstetric and surgical experiences with teaching faculty in all sub-specialties. We are best defined by our supportive and safe learning environment. Our dedicated faculty provide exceptional education, supervision, and mentorship. We value compassion, professionalism, evidence-based medicine, and physician well-being. Our graduate physicians are prepared to enter practice as a comprehensive full scope ObGyn or sub-specialty fellowship.

We offer particularly strong training in: minimally invasive surgical techniques; high-risk obstetrics; family planning; and transgender care. We serve a large and diverse patient population. Our training in systems-based practice is robust and residents master the skills needed to improve the health care systems they work in. We prioritize simulation, patient safety, and clinical quality improvement, all introduced early in residency training and instilled as part of our culture. The clinical and leadership opportunities fostered during residency have aided many of our graduates to take on leadership roles in their post-residency practices, both inside and outside Kaiser Permanente.

Program Overview

Our program offers exceptional clinical training within a positive learning environment. The abundant clinical and surgical experience our program provides is augmented by an academically vigorous teaching program. Our academic program includes: strong core didactics delivered in protected teaching time; extensive longitudinal surgical skills curriculum; significant experience with minimally invasive surgery including laparoscopic and robotic surgery; tremendous research support and opportunities; robust normal and high-risk obstetrics; regularly scheduled Critical Event Team Training sessions; and intensive attention to patient safety and clinical quality improvement.

Residents have the opportunity to learn and provide care within an organization that is a world-wide leader in health care delivery and are afforded the full support that faculty receive to provide care to patients and learn systems-based practice. Our organization is at the forefront of using electronic systems to improve patient care. We have harnessed these powerful tools to make learning more efficient and facilitate research efforts. We follow patients longitudinally through all aspects of the continuum of care, giving trainees exposure to principles of population management, evidence-based medicine, quality improvement, and team-based acute and chronic care – the cornerstones of Kaiser Permanente medicine. Our Ob/Gyn Department at Kaiser San Francisco is a Supporting Institution and Founding Member of The Society for Academic Specialists in General Obstetrics and Gynecology (, and a member of the California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative (

We are strongly committed to providing graded responsibility for residents as they progress through our program and care for our large patient population. These patients reflect the diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds of San Francisco, including those of economic disadvantage. Our faculty are on duty in the hospital at all times to provide residents with supervision and immediate consultation. The high ratio of staff to residents in the ambulatory setting promotes strong oversight and education. The camaraderie among the residents and faculty creates a supportive environment conducive to learning and individual growth. Our teaching program is designed to foster a sense of intellectual curiosity and to stimulate residents to develop the life-long learning habits needed to master the evolving information required to provide quality obstetric, gynecologic, and primary health care for women.

In addition to sponsoring the ObGyn Residency training program, our San Francisco Medical Center supports many other learners in Undergraduate, Graduate and Post-Graduate Medical Education. We regularly have UCSF MS 3’s on ob, gyn and ambulatory services, as well as hosting MS 4’s for sub-internships in Gynecology and in High-Risk Obstetrics. We have introduced a new longitudinal MS3 year-long clinical clerkship with UCSF. We support SFGH/UCSF PGY 2 & 3 Family Medicine Residents on our obstetrical service. We have a joint UCSF/Kaiser San Francisco Gyn-Onc fellowship; and we support the UCSF/Kaiser East Bay FPMRS fellowship with rotations in transgender medicine at our Medical Center. Outside of ObGyn, there are many other residencies and fellowship programs that our Medical Center supports either independently or with UCSF, including: IM, pediatrics, surgery, Cardiology, Heme-Onc, GI, EM, Vascular Surgery, Anesthesia.

San Francisco Medical Center Top Teaching Hospital
Kaiser San Francisco Smart Care Award

Caring for vulnerable populations – Transgender Health

The Path to Transgender Care: After years of providing collaborative care for our Transgender patients, in 2013 we launched our Adult Gender Pathways clinic under the direction of Dr. Erica Weiss, our Associate Program Director and Dr. Erica Metz, who is now the Kaiser Permanente Regional Medical Director for Transgender Health and is the recent recipient of the Cecil Cutting Leadership Award, the most prestigious award given in our organization. Follow this link to learn more:

We now have a full comprehensive gender-affirming surgery program directed by Dr. Ali Salim.  Not only do patients travel from around the region to our medical center for these procedures, but surgeons rotate here to learn directly from our team. Dr. Salim works directly with the residents in the operating room as well as in caring for the patients during their hospital course and in the office setting during consultations and postoperative care visits.

Building on this unique area of expertise we have developed a rotation on Transgender Health for PGY2’s, and all residents continue to rotate in transgender specialty clinics during their ambulatory rotations.

Resident Well-Being

Our Residency Training Program has made a commitment to foster an environment of finding joy and meaning in medicine. Attention to psychological, emotional and physical well-being in both professional and personal resident life is prioritized. Our resident wellness program includes supporting time to engage in team building activities, personal wellness, and fostering resiliency. We feel it is important to use narratives to address our emotions that you may experience throughout your training. For our interns and incoming chiefs, we begin the year with an evening of readings where we can discuss a narrative that may evoke our emotions. Throughout your training we have protected time to continue to address the epidemic of compassion fatigue, with our “Tending the Flame” course. This program was developed by The Remen Institute for the Study of Health and Illness (RISHI)©. The RISHI course uses the uncovering of personal meaning as a major educational strategy and intervention to prevent compassion fatigue among residents.

A Note to 2019 Applicants:

We participate in the National Resident Matching Program to fill our 4 PGY-I positions. All applications must be submitted electronically through ERAS. We have a highly competitive program, last year we received over 570 applications for our 4 positions. Small group interviews will be held on select Tuesdays from October 15th through December 17th.

APPLICANTS MUST HAVE PERSONAL STATEMENT, AT LEAST TWO LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION, MEDICAL SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT AND USMLE STEP 1 SCORES UPLOADED TO ERAS PRIOR TO OCTOBER 1, 2019 (the remainder of the application including remaining letters of recommendation and Dean’s letter should be uploaded as soon as available).

Kaiser San Francisco ObGyn Residency Program’s Vision, Mission, Goals and Aims


To Improve the health of women, their families and the communities they live in.


To transform ObGyn residents into specialist and sub-specialist physician-leaders who deliver exceptional patient care and improve the health care systems in which they work.


To graduate ObGyn residents who:

  • are competent and prepared to provide full-scope comprehensive obgyn care or enter fellowship training
  • consistently advocate for their patients, particularly those in vulnerable populations
  • become leaders in their practices and organizations
  • are committed to patient safety, clinical quality improvement, and systems-based practice
  • are life-long learners


To achieve our goals we aim to:

  • provide academic training in a positive learning environment
  • practice and teach evidence-based medicine in a patient-centered care approach
  • learn from simulation and critical event team training
  • emphasize minimally invasive surgical techniques
  • foster an environment of critical thinking, inquisition, and research
  • attend to resident and faculty well-being
  • value a diverse and inclusive work environment
  • show respect and sensitivity to diverse and vulnerable patient populations

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