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Internal Medicine Santa Clara

Mission Statement

“To equip resident physicians to practice as life-long learners at the frontier of modern medicine.”

Why Compromise When You Can Have It All?

We are an award-winning Stanford-affiliated residency program integrating evidence-based medicine, state-of-the art technological innovations, and dedication to excellence in teaching. Our emphasis is creating a life-long learner. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley and surrounded by tech giants like Apple, Google and Facebook, we enjoy easy access to San Francisco, San Jose, Napa Valley, Berkeley, and Santa Cruz, all within an hour drive. Our community of physicians and patients is among the most diverse in the country.

Academic Excellence

Our award-winning Stanford-affiliated faculty is passionate about teaching.

  • Outstanding fellowship match – graduates typically match with their top fellowship
    choice. Learn more about alumni.
  • Diverse research opportunities with a dedicated research support department and
    comprehensive clinical databases. Dedicated time for research. Learn more about
    research here.
  • Intensive ABIM board review curriculum with 100% board passage rate.
  • Core clerkship site for Stanford, UC Davis, and Boston University Medical students.
  • State-of-the-Art Medicine: Stunning new tertiary care facility with cardiothoracic
    surgery, cancer treatment center, EPS, behavioral health center, and more. Training in the medical tech of tomorrow including simulation, ultrasound, video visits, and telederm to name a few. All residents are equipped with Kaiser Laptops and are given individual Kaiser-formatted iPhones for access to medical charts, patient emails, and direct text or phone communication with specialists.


Training Personalization

  • Our goal at Kaiser Santa Clara is to help you personalize your training to best prepare
    you for the career you want. In addition to our CHOICE Primary Care Track we have
    pathways and targeted electives within the categorical track for residents interested in inpatient, outpatient, or specialty careers. Learn more about curriculum. Learn more about CHOICE.
  • Opportunities for away electives. All residents do an ID rotation at Santa Clara Valley
    Medical Center · Kaiser Global Health Program: Learn more about Global Health here.
  • Multiple associated underserved clinics offering numerous community health
  • Robust public speaking curriculum including resident presentations at the health center
    on Apple’s campus, local homeless shelter and other community centers.


  • We strive for work-life balance with flexible schedules and a supportive family culture.
  • Beautiful San Francisco Bay Area in the heart of Silicon Valley with access to outdoor
    activities, world-class dining, and contemporary arts and entertainment.
  • Flexible schedule with 50 weeks of electives and ambulatory care.
  • Regular social gatherings including movie nights, hiking, dinners, concerts, etc.
  • $720 per year towards health and wellness including gym membership or classes.
  • Annual wellness retreat for each class.

What residents are saying about Kaiser Santa Clara

Many of us go into residency aware of the expected long days and nights. At Kaiser Santa Clara, I don’t dread the long days and nights because I’m surrounded by the most down-to-earth and fun colleagues and attendings who really care about me. I couldn’t have asked for more amazing co-residents who I enjoy the company of inside and outside the hospital. These are people who really know how to turn a bad situation or day in your favor! As for our amazing attendings, I’m always touched when attendings I only work with every 2 to 4 months remember details about my life and inquire about my future career goals. They really care about you here. The exemplary teaching, interactive learning, and camaraderie make me feel incredibly lucky to be training at Kaiser Santa Clara.

Jennifer Nguyen, MD (R2)

Kaiser Santa Clara was my first choice and I feel very fortunate to be here. I was looking for a residency that provided excellent teaching in both outpatient and inpatient medicine, with a patient-centered approach to care, a diverse patient population and a collegial environment. I found all that and more in this program. Being located in Santa Clara we are able to serve people from a range of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. My fellow residents, attendings, staff, and volunteers go above and beyond in their roles, are wonderful to work with, and make the experience all the more enjoyable! Moreover, working in the Kaiser Permanente system has shown me how helpful the integrated healthcare experience is for both the patient and healthcare provider in providing efficient and holistic care. In summary, well rounded house staff, excellent coordination of care, patient-centered approach, and continuous quality improvement allow me to thrive and develop comprehensively as a new physician at this program!

Rabia Aslam, MD (R1)

I knew as soon as I interviewed with Kaiser Santa Clara that this was the residency program for me! What drew me to Kaiser Santa Clara was the uniqueness and diversity of its programs. I have a passion for primary care, which one of the rewards of primary care is the relationships that are developed with your patients. Kaiser Santa Clara’s Choice program really spoke to me as it puts a focus on primary care. Working at KPSC has truly been a rewarding and enriching experience. From the outstanding attendings who are committed to patient care and resident education, to my awesome fellow residents who create a family-like atmosphere, KPSC has fostered an environment that not only prioritizes patient care, but also ensures that a high standard of patient care is passed on to futures doctors who are trained here.

Ryon Maland, MD (R2)
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