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All of our categorical residents undertake a project related to scholarly activity before graduating- whether it be in the form of independent/collaborative research, case series/reports, or performance improvement. Our house officers are well-supported by our collegial and accessible faculty and by Chi-Mei Liu Ph.D, our dedicated GME Research Program Manager.

Dr. Liu plays an invaluable role in helping residents and faculty alike to foster, cultivate, and hone their intellectual curiosity to achieve results without deemphasizing the important and enriching process that is resident research- from the development of a research proposal, to statistical analysis, to the preparation of a manuscript. Our research program is tailored to each resident to meet their unique individual needs according to experience and career aspirations. Dr. Liu is readily available to guide each resident as she also serves as liaison with the Kaiser Division or Research. Our program is well‐represented in the Northern CA Regional American College of Physicians (ACP) meetings as well as a variety of National meetings.

Additionally, each spring, the program sponsors the Annual Resident Research Symposium which takes place over three days whereby residents have the opportunity to present their projects to the faculty, the medical group, and members of the community in a setting that showcases and celebrates their academic accomplishments. The faculty judges evaluate projects and awards are given at graduation.




Performance Improvement Projects

A vital component of our residency program is to properly prepare an individual for a career in medicine. Practicing physicians are expected to improve patient safety and to improve on processes that will enhance patient care.

Kaiser Permanente is at the forefront of quality care. We do so by having an integrated system of doctors, nurses, and ancillary services that work to provide exceptional treatment. At the same time, we are continuously looking for ways to improve healthcare delivery to our patients, at both an individual and organizational level. Performance Improvement projects are one way of doing so. We start with identifying an area of potential improvement, then modifying and measuring a process or procedure. The end goal is quality improvement and patient safety.

Kaiser Santa Clara offers a dedicated Performance/Quality Improvement course curriculum to all of our residents. This takes place in our “Garage” located on the second floor of the Medical Office Building on campus. Each of our categorical residents is involved in multiple performance improvement project during their time in our residency program. A resident may join an existing project or create their own. As frontline physicians, medicine residents have a unique perspective on daily patient care. We encourage residents to use that viewpoint and identify areas of improvement within the clinic and hospital system. If you see something that could be better, let’s do it! This is an exciting way to effect change.

Residency Publications, Presentations, and Research

Santa Clara Internal Medicine Research Publications

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