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Welcome to the Kaiser Oakland Internal Medicine Residency from the 2020-21 Chief Residents!

I am a California native and grew up in Cupertino. I first moved to the East Bay for undergrad at Cal (Go Bears!) and fell in love with the area. After four years on the East Coast at the University of Pittsburgh for med school, I was thrilled to match at Kaiser Oakland and be back in the East Bay.

Kaiser Oakland has been an amazing place to train for the past three years. As an integrated system, we are able to provide innovative, efficient, and high-quality care to our diverse patient population. If anything, the recent pandemic has highlighted how well we are able to adapt to new challenges while keeping patient care our priority. What has really made my residency experience so special is the support from our program leadership, faculty, and my co-residents. I am so excited to have the privilege of being one of our chief residents and look forward to spending another year with this wonderful family.

Outside of work, I love cooking and taking care of my houseplants. I am a new mom, so most of my free time is now spent taking excessive photos of my son. My partner is also in medicine, so when the stars align and we have time off together we love to explore local restaurants (these days, via take out) and parks.
Andrea Chai, MD

I’ve been in California my whole life, but I don’t think I’m biased when I say that California is a great place to be. This state has it all and Oakland specifically is an incredible place to live and work. After graduating from UCSF, I wasn’t ready to leave the Bay Area, but I was ready to try something new. I started off as a preliminary resident and loved my year at Kaiser Oakland. When I moved on to PM&R at Stanford I realized how much I missed Internal Medicine and my Kaiser family. After some deep reflection with my mentors from Kaiser and Stanford I changed paths and came back to Oakland as an Internal Medicine resident.

Oakland is wonderfully diverse both inside and outside the hospital. I feel my training here is unrivaled in terms of the wide variety of patients and cases that we see. I’m also proud to work in such a well-integrated healthcare system – one that focuses on preventive care and puts patients first. Additionally, as a resident I can say the mentorship at Kaiser Oakland is phenomenal whether that be in primary care, hospital medicine, or one of our subspecialties. Still, the best part of Kaiser has been my co-residents who really feel like family. A career in medicine is tough wherever you are, but I have always felt supported by this program and my co-residents. They are a big part of the reason why I am so happy to stay on another year as Chief Resident.

Outside of the hospital, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our two rescue cats. We enjoy hiking, biking, and backpacking. With so many state and national parks close by this is an ideal location for anyone who loves the outdoors.
Sarra Borhanian, MD

What our residents are saying

A Message From Nathan Juergens, MD, PGY2

Sometimes you feel like you know a place when you navigate to its website. The margins are comfortable. The menus are intuitive. Most of the words are spelled correctly and there aren’t too many banner advertisements for shady pharmaceuticals. Sometimes initial website impressions are enough to give you confidence that this is a residency program where you could learn to practice medicine, where you could spend your formative years as a trainee.

As a current second year and enthusiastic member of the Kaiser Oakland Internal Medicine residency program, I can say, with a full appreciation for how great this website is, that it only skims the surface of everything the residency has to offer.

Let me guess: You’re either from the Bay Area, want to move to the Bay Area, or both. What you may not realize is that, when you’re thinking about the “Bay Area,” it’s actually Oakland that you desire. The sun is close to literally always shining. There’s natural diversity of thought, people, arts, activities, food and environment. Folks here like to have fun and like when other people are also having fun. It’s a walkable city, a talk-able city, a bike-able city, a likable city. A city full of people who enjoy working a rhyme or two into their daily routine.

The medical center where we spend most of our time reflects the community in which it stands: Abundant windows welcome natural light into a space filled with friendly staff, loyal patients, and soothing sounds from the construction site down the block. There’s a dive bar across the street, fine-dining options a few steps farther, and public transportation not far in the other direction. There are also homeless encampments if you set out through the neighboring park; we are unmistakably in the center of it all, which includes regular reminders of growing inequity and its impact on health.

Now I get to type something that many residents in other programs will never have the good fortune to honestly type: Our program takes care of us. Yes, we still work too much. Yes, we still have to pre-round and write progress notes. And, yes, unfortunately, there is no avoiding the illness and grief the meet us at work on many days. But what makes this program special is that our leadership listens when we ask for help, and they actually care about our health as much as our patients’.

No matter where you end up training you are going to learn the medicine. There’s no avoiding it. The patients are going to bring it to you, they are going to ask you to know it, and they are going to make sure you don’t miss anything important. What’s essential, though, is that you find a place, like Kaiser Oakland, where you’ll be supported during your time learning from those patients, where you’ll find happiness as often as not, and— this is critical — where you’ll find a good website.

Adrienne Topic, MD, Cardiology Fellow

I am very glad I chose Kaiser Oakland. Education was always a priority, both in formal teaching sessions, rounding, and actively taking care of patients. The program and staff were supportive to allow us to learn and grown as we each needed. There was room to make mistakes, but we had the back-up to ensure patient safety and learning. The patients we cared for were diverse, both medically and ethnically. My classmates were the best part – we had so much fun together. I know I will miss the program in the future, but I am well set up to “thrive” at fellowship now.

Ian Concepcion, MD Hospitalist, Kaiser Vallejo (Bay Area)

What is Kaiser Oakland to me? It is a place where there is truly no such thing as a “dumb” question, where you are never alone, where you are allowed to be yourself and learn at your own pace, and a place where you are a valued member of the treatment team. It is a place where you serve a blue-collar population that is immensely diverse from a socioeconomic, educational, ethnic, and religious standpoint. All of these qualities in one program, located in the most wonderful part of the country make coming to Kaiser Oakland a decision I have never once regretted and never will.

PGY Resident Medical School
PGY1 Santino Butler Harvard
PGY1 Mary Creedon UC San Diego
PGY1 Sarah Eppley UC San Francisco
PGY1 Lee Nguyen UC Davis
PGY1 Mimi Nguyen UC Davis
PGY1 Kira Seiger Harvard
PGY1 Angelin Cheng UC Davis
PGY1 Camille Giraud Drexel
PGY1 Polly Huang University of Southern California
PGY1 Irvin Lien Wayne State
PGY1 Joy Liu Mayo Clinic
PGY1 Andrew Lynch Jefferson Medical College
PGY1 David Oh Tufts University
PGY1 Nihar Patel UC San Diego
PGY1 Navneet Ramesh Tufts University
PGY1 Tanya Selvam UC Davis
PGY1 Jeffrey Wang University of Arizona
PGY1 Timothy Yang California North State
PGY1 Anna Zhang University of Iowa
PGY2 Donna Haysbert UC Davis
PGY2 Nika Carrillo UC Davis
PGY2 Josh Chang Stony Brook University
PGY2 Veesta Falahati UC Davis
PGY2 Raleigh Fatoki Meharry
PGY2 Samantha Ho Arizona AT Still University
PGY2 Adnan Khan Wayne State
PGY2 Jaclyn Khil Hawaii
PGY2 Andrea Luethy Rutgers
PGY2 Alex Pellicione New York Medical College
PGY2 Yash Rusconi-Rodrigues UC Irvine
PGY2 William Vicks University of Nevada
PGY2 Kaili Zhou UC San Francisco
PGY3 Apoorva Ananth University of Southern California
PGY3 Andrew Gabriel Touro University
PGY3 Chelsea Gong UC Davis
PGY3 Kristine Gu Tulane University
PGY3 Nicole Heinl Brown University
PGY3 Olivia Kizzee University of Texas
PGY3 Christina Li Pennsylvania State University
PGY3 Jerry Liu Tulane University
PGY3 Uchenna Nwosu Meharry Medical College
PGY3 Zena Salim Michigan State University
PGY3 Claire White Virginia Commonwealth
PGY3 Stephanie Wu Stony Brook University
PGY3 Betsy Yang University of North Carolina
PGY4/MPH Nathan Juergens University of Minnesota
Chief Resident Sarra Borhanian UC San Francisco
Chief Resident Andrea Chai University of Pittsburgh

Other Residents and Medical Students on Oakland Campus

Kaiser Permanente Oakland is affiliated with several medical schools including the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF), Drexel, and California Northstate University. We host medical students of all years from UCSF, including eight 3rd year UCSF students who complete their entire third year at the Oakland Kaiser Campus as part of the KLIC (Kaiser Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship) program. Third-year medical students from California Northstate complete their required third-year clerkships with us and we host approximately 60 students per year from across the country for a variety of sub-internship experiences. Our program directors, hospitalist attendings, and many of our clinic physicians hold clinical faculty appointments at UCSF. There are also other residency programs at our campus.

Other Oakland Kaiser Residencies

  • Pediatrics
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • General Surgery
  • Head and Neck Surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Podiatry

Oakland Kaiser Fellowships

  • Pumonary – Critical Care
  • HIV
  • Addiction Medicine
  • Community Medicine
  • Gastroenterology*
  • Hematology-Oncology*
  • Spine Surgery Fellowship
  • Pediatric Hospitalist Fellowship

*As part of the Kaiser Permanente Northern California Fellowship partnership

Other On-campus Residents/Fellows

Residents from the following programs rotate to Oakland Medical Center:
University of California at San Francisco

  • Primary Care Internal Medicine
  • 4th year Sub-Interns: Kaiser Oakland is the only non-UCSF site approved as an official site to complete the required sub-intenship in IM
  • 3rd Year Medical Students (KLIC)
  • Surgery residents
  • Ophthalmology Fellows
  • 3rd Year Pediatric Clerkship
  • 3rd Year OBGYN Clerkship

Alameda County Medical Center

  • Emergency Medicine

Children’s Hospital Oakland

  • Pediatrics
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