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At Kaiser Permanente Oakland, there is a wealth of active research projects and opportunities for residents. In conjunction with the Department of Research (DOR), we have access to the large database of northern California KP system. Our longstanding EMR system, large, long-term enrolled patient population and supportive research infrastructure result in quality projects published in the prominent scientific journals of our specialty. Our researchers take full advantage of this resource to participate in large retrospective studies that will improve the health outcomes of our patients. Residents have access to epidemiologists and biostatisticians in the DOR, and research project managers in the Graduate Medical Education (GME) office. Residents projects have included prospective interventional studies, retrospective chart reviews, systematic reviews with meta-analysis, database analysis studies, quality improvement projects, and case series and case reports. We highly encourage residents to take full advantage of the research opportunities and resources.

At least four months of dedicated time is allotted to each resident for research. During their research rotations, residents meet with research faculty mentor, assistant program director for research, and research project managers. Residents also complete at least one patient safety/quality improvement project during their residency. Allocation of resident research month is as follows:

PGY 1: 1 week
PGY 2: 1 month
PGY 3: 1 month
PGY 4: 2 months

Residents are encouraged to submit their projects to national, regional, and local conferences for presentation. Annual local conferences that residents are expected to participate in include:

  • Bay Area Resident Research Symposium (BARRS)
  • Kaiser Permanente East Bay Academy of Medical Educators Research Symposium

Scholarly activity is an essential part of resident education. We expect all residents to pursue clinical research during their training. For detailed information about resident research expectations, please see Resident Research Guidelines:

OTO Resident Research Guidelines


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