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Family Medicine Napa/Solano - Resident Wellness

Life Balance

Residency is a rigorous and inherently demanding time in medical training. We acknowledge the unique challenges residents face balancing learning, patient care, relationships, exercise, hobbies, time outdoors, and self-care practices. At our program, we are committed to a culture of community that promotes resilience, a sense of meaning and joy in our work, and physical and emotional wellbeing. We are confident in the strength of our curriculum to train highly competent family medicine physicians – and we strongly believe in developing and maintaining wellness as an integral part of the process.


  • Shared goal among residents, faculty, and clinic/hospital staff to foster a strong sense of community
  • Resident-run, faculty-supported Wellness Committee and associated wellness budget with a focus on regularly evaluating and improving residency-wide wellness through group physical activity sessions, outdoor wellness lunches, and beautification of common spaces and workrooms
  • Optional monthly Literature in Medicine dinners with engaging, open discussions about pieces of literature pertaining to the field of medicine
  • Monthly social gatherings, including dinners and exploring local events
  • Annual residency retreat with family members and loved ones

Physical Wellness

  • Yoga at the residency center on Thursday evenings with mats and props provided
  • Group hikes
  • Weekly hospital-sponsored Farmer’s Market on Fridays
  • Healthy, delicious food options at the hospital cafeteria that accommodate a broad range of dietary preferences, including plant-based, gluten free, and paleo
  • On-campus gym with 24/7 access
  • Monthly stipend for outside gym memberships
  • A location that offers easy access to year-round hiking, camping, skiing, biking, sailing, and other outdoor recreational activities

Mental and Emotional Wellness

  • Protected time for regularly-scheduled Balint sessions for each resident class with behavioral medicine faculty
  • Opportunities for self-reflection and a focus on personal growth throughout the year, including meetings with faculty mentors and advisors
  • Resident-run lunch meetings held in the outdoor courtyard
  • Hospital-wide Schwartz Rounds that provides a safe space for discussion and group processing about the emotional and spiritual impact of difficult patient experiences
  • Supportive work hours with strict adherence to ACGME Resident Duty Hours Requirements
  • Residents can enjoy the natural beauty, arts, and fine food of Napa Valley as well as the cultural richness, diversity, and urban adventures the San Francisco Bay Area offers

Learning and Teaching Wellness

  • Integrative Medicine curriculum and Integrative Medicine Interest Group
  • Award-winning Physician Wellness Program
  • Personal health goal setting and mentoring
  • Respect for the body, mind, and spiritual aspects of resident experience

Integrative Medicine Curriculum

We offer access to the University of Arizona 200-hour online Integrative Medicine in Residency elective for residents interested in developing a greater understanding of mind-body medicine. Our residents may pursue this year-long certificate program concurrently with the core curriculum.

Kaiser Permanente Wellness Programs

Residency training is challenging, regardless of specialty. Our program trains residents in the specific skills and positive coping strategies that have been shown to build resilience and competencies to cope with stressors. Learn more about our Resident Wellness Program here.

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