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Hematology/Oncology Fellowship (ACGME) - Goals & Rotation Schedule

Overall Goals of Hematology/Oncology Fellowship Training Program

The overall goal of the Hematology and Oncology Fellowship training program at Kaiser Permanente in San Francisco is to educate and train the next generation of clinician leaders.

Specific Goals

  1. To provide three years of subspecialty training so trainees acquire the clinical skills and knowledge beyond the minimal requirements stipulated by ABIM for subspecialty certification.
  2. Foster an environment of intellectual curiosity and investigation that promotes scholarship and clinical research during fellowship and promotes life-long self-learning.
  3. To develop the many humanistic qualities and interpersonal skills, critical thinking skills, and professional attitudes that enable trainees to excel as Oncology and Hematology specialists.
  4. To promote wellness during fellowship including support for a work-life balance through monitoring work and call duty hours.
  5. To instill in trainees the desire and skills to educate colleagues, junior trainees, students, other medical staff members, patients, and patient families about cancer biology, cancer care, and cancer treatments.
  6. To assist trainees in their research pursuits and help guide them to design and complete research that helps them on the road to achieving future career aspirations.
  7. To train fellows in communicating with patients about end of life topics in a manner that is compassionate and empathetic
BMT Stanford and KP Santa Clara faculty
Photo: Left to Right: – Wen-Kai Weng, MD, Stanford Site Director, Alfredo Lopez, MD, Program Director Faisal Cheema, MD, KP Santa Clara Site Director, Jed Katzel, MD, Associate Program Director, Hyma Vempaty, MD, KP Santa Clara

Rotation Schedule

The following is a general outline of the monthly rotations for fellows in each year of training. The rotation schedule is created by the Program Director and key clinical faculty members using this outline as a general guide and is subject to change.

4 months Inpatient SFO
2 months Outpatient subspecialty SFO
2 months Acute Leukemia and Lymphoma Inpatient Service at Santa Clara
1 month Research
1 month Palliative Care
1 month Bone Marrow Transplant Service at Stanford
2 weeks Pathology
2 weeks Radiology Oncology
2 months Inpatient SFO
2 months Outpatient subspecialty SFO
1 month Acute Leukemia and Lymphoma Outpatient Service at Santa Clara
7 months Research
10 months Research
2 months Outpatient Subspecialty
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