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Schedule & Rotations

Rotation Schedules

1st – Year of Rotations to Kaiser Permanente’s Northern California Addiction Medicine
2nd – Year of Research (optional)

Below is an example of weekly schedule for an outpatient clinical rotation.  At mid-year, the fellow and faculty will identify areas of study requiring more emphasis as well as areas of interest for the fellow. While some electives will be available the fellow will be encouraged, with the Program Director’s input, to identify resources and “design” other electives.  Faculty as well as Fellows evaluate the effectiveness of internal processes to help solidify curriculums thereby ensuring an evidence based training environment.

Schedule Key

Hospital Duty: HD
ADM – Addiction Medicine Clinic
Medically Managed Withdrawal Clinic: MWC
Team Meeting: Medical Team meets with Therapist/Clinician Daily (Case Management, Treatment Decisions)

*Weekend Duty is not a common requirement.  The Addiction Medicine Fellow will not be expected to attend weekend clinic without the supervision of attending physician. If weekend duty is taken there will be a compensatory day off within 14 days of that duty

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