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Psychiatry - Psychiatry Oakland

Training Psychiatric Leaders in Clinical Care, Research, Mental Health Policy/Administration, and Education

Welcome to the Kaiser Permanente (KP) Northern California (Oakland) Psychiatry Residency Program. The KP Oakland Medical Center is our primary training site, and represents the flagship medical center for the Northern California KP Healthcare System. The KP Healthcare System values patient-centered, evidence-based, and integrated care with an emphasis on timely access, positive health outcomes, primary prevention, and patient satisfaction. The KP Healthcare System serves the socioeconomically and culturally diverse East Bay community that includes one of the largest LGBTQI populations in the nation. We believe the training our residents receive along with immersion in the KP Healthcare System prepares them to have a prominent role in the future of mental health care.

In addition to Oakland, your educational experience will occur at other KP clinical sites including: Richmond Medical Center, Fremont Medical Center, and Oakland Addiction Medicine Recovery Service. Inpatient training occurs at Telecare Heritage Psychiatric Health Facility in Oakland, the Medical Psychiatric Inpatient Unit at KP Fremont Medical Center, and the John George Psychiatric Hospital serving Alameda County. Psychiatric emergency training occurs at the John George Psychiatric Emergency Services center.

Our Mission

The KP Northern California (Oakland) Psychiatry Residency Program aims to train residents as:

  • Competent and compassionate clinicians with expertise in psychological, biological, socio-cultural and team-based aspects of care.
  • Mental health scholars and researchers.
  • Future leaders in the field of psychiatry. This training will emphasize organizational and role specific issues, medical-legal issues, and mental health policy issues.
  • Professionals, life long learners, patient advocates, and mentors.
  • Skilled medical educators.

Contact Us

This website provides a comprehensive description of our training program, but if you have further questions please feel free to contact us at:


  • Diverse patient population
  • Training in the state-of-the-art integrated KP healthcare system
  • Outpatient clinical experience starting in PGY1, including telepsychiatry integration
  • Psychiatric inpatient training on a multidisciplinary state-of-the-art Medical Psychiatric Unit in PGY2
  • Psychiatric inpatient and emergency training in the Alameda County community-based system of care
  • Addiction Medicine training in PGY2
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry training in PGY2
  • Medical Educator training starting in PGY2
  • Clinical Leadership training starting in PGY2
  • IPT, CBT, ACT and group psychotherapy in PGY3
  • Building your own outpatient panel in PGY3, including telepsychiatry integration and the ability to work from home
  • Continuity of care for a panel of outpatients during PGY3 & 4
  • Longitudinal elective rotations in PGY4
  • Scholarship and research training, including access to the KP Division of Research
  • Longitudinal leadership training in PGY4
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