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Emergency Medicine Central Valley - Wellness

At Kaiser Central Valley, we believe that the best physicians are the happiest and most balanced physicians. We achieve work-life balance for our residents through our comprehensive residency Wellness Program, led by a dedicated Wellness Champion. We have a large, coordinated infrastructure to support the well-being and resiliency of their physician workforce. The infrastructure supports and promotes preventative care, healthy living, mental health, second-victim support, work-life balance, and peer-peer counseling and mentoring.

  • Twice per year residents may schedule a Wellness Half-Day to attend to personal needs (dentist, doctor visits, optometry, etc.)
  • Stipends earmarked specifically for local fitness center memberships, to the tune of $720 annually!
  • Meditation room, healing garden, and walking path around the Modesto Medical Center.
  • Annual retreats for each class
  • Resiliency small group sessions: facilitated debriefing on the challenges residents face (staying connected to family; handling grief and death; ways to prevent burnout, etc)
  • Confidential wellness check-ins with mental health counselors
  • Regular Wellness activities: ranging from potlucks to barbecues, journal clubs, hikes, dog-walking, sporting events, wine tastings, happy hours, and game nights

Quarterly Resident Council Meetings

We have quarterly resident-council meetings led by our chief residents. This allows residents to discuss issues, concerns and ideas that they might not bring directly to the faculty.

Faculty Advisors/Mentors

Moreover, we have assigned faculty advisors and mentors who help navigate the waters of life and residency, aid with professional development and enhance the residents’ opportunities to succeed in the training program and in their subsequent careers in EM.

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