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Pulmonary Medicine Faculty

Bryon Quick, MD
Program Director

Nareg Roubinian, MD
Associate Program Director

Cindy Kanegai,MD

Melissa Tukey, MD

Peter Le, MD

Andrea Glassberg, MD

Kathleen Doo, MD

Christopher Nguyen, MD

Critical Care Medicine Faculty

Katie Famous, MD
Associate Program Director

Dalvinder Dhillon, MD

Leslie Hale, MD

Julian Villar, MD

John M Taylor, MD

Rachel Dotson, MD

Tejinder Gill, MD

Rus Horia, MD

So Young Kim, MD

Kevin Blackney, MD

Brad Cohn, MD

Geoff Langham, MD

Anne Newcomer, MD

Joyce Lo, MD

Todd Seigel, MD

Dustin Mark, MD

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