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Santa Clara OB/GYN Resident Roster 2019-2020

PGY Year Resident Medical School
PGY-4 Jerome Chelliah, MD UCSF
PGY-4 Luz Corona Gomez, MD University of California, Los Angeles, Geffen School of Medicine
PGY-4 Thuy Le, MD Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science, Chicago School of Medicine
PGY-4 Kristen Strength, MD University of California, Los Angeles, Geffen School of Medicine
PGY-3 Frances Farrimond, MD UCSF
PGY-3 Kelly Bruce, MD University of Wisconsin School of Medicine
PGY-3 Josephine Nguyen, MD Saint Louis University School of Medicine
PGY-3 Jessica O’campo, MD Loyola University of Chicago
PGY-2 Rebecca Levitte, MD University of Washington School of Medicine
PGY-2 Ashleigh Nelson, MD UCSF
PGY-2 Olivia Sanchez, MD UC Irvine School of Medicine
PGY-2 Elyse Trinh, MD Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University
PGY-1 Michelle Couret, MD Columbia Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons
PGY-1 Kim Angelique, MD UC Davis
PGY-1 Sinow Carolyn, MD Stanford University
PGY-1 Tong Wenting, MD Creighton University

Before I interviewed at Kaiser Santa Clara for residency in ObGyn, I knew that Kaiser, by reputation, had the most comprehensive and accessible EMR in the Country. For that reason, it offered a great opportunity to do “big data” research, the kind of research that attracted me. When I interviewed, what impressed me the most, however, was the high quality of the people I met. They were the reason I ranked Kaiser Santa Clara #1 on my match list. My four years in residency exceeded my highest expectations. From top to bottom, the Director, the outstanding physicians who mentored us, and the staff who supported us, did everything they could to help us achieve our goals. They encouraged us to pursue our dreams, and it
was because of this remarkable group of people that I am now a fellow in REI at UCLA. I owe a great debt of gratitude to my friends at Kaiser Santa Clara.

Carrie Riestenberg, MD Class of 2018 REI Fellowship, UCLA

I never would have believed that I could learn so much in such a short period of time. I feel that I have truly grown in both my clinical and surgical skills through the years with the help of many experienced attendings and residents who are all excited about teaching. I also feel lucky to be in a program where the residents care about each other, are able to socialize outside of the hospital, and truly work together as an effective team within a hospital.

Kimberly Lee, MD, Class of 2007 Now Practicing at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, Santa Clara

The Kaiser Santa Clara clinical and surgical training is strong in volume and pathology, and set in an environment focused on resident learning and education. The attendings truly care about our wellbeing and teaching us patient centered, evidence based medicine. The teamwork and camaraderie of the residents builds a supportive environment in which you can work hard, have fun and thrive. I feel incredibly lucky to have trained here and would choose it again without hesitation.

Marie Holzapfel , MD, Class of 2012 Gyn Onc Fellow at UCLA

Kaiser Santa Clara has a reputation as a supportive environment, where the emphasis on resident wellness is apparent and the clinical training is among the best in California (and I would argue, the country!). This was certainly my experience, and as a fellow in FPMRS who works with residents from two OB/Gyn programs, and with Sub-I’s from all over the country, I have heard people echo these sentiments many times. The residency has tapped into something special that provides opportunities in research and global health, while at the same time offering training in evidence-based, high volume, full-scope OB/Gyn. Yes, graduates have gone on to do sub-specialty fellowship, private practice, and academics, but the fact that residents in multiple classes chose to stay at KP-SCL is a mark of a program that not only trains people well but can also retain them. I am proud to have graduated from a program with such balance of scholarship, clinical excellence, and resident support!

Aldene Zeno, MD Class of 2016 FPMRS Fellow at Harbor-UCLA

Our Graduates

Class of 2018

Robert Day, MD – MFM Fellowship, University of California, Irvine
Sai-Wing Chan, MD – Kaiser Permanente Redwood City
Merrit Koskelo MD, PhD – Kaiser Permanente Roseville
Tuong Van Nguyen, MD – Kaiser Permanente Orange County

Class of 2019

Jeyling Chou, MD – Patient Safety Fellowship, Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Stephanie Chow, MD – Oncology Fellowship, Stanford University
Bianca Mosley, MD – Group Practice Georgia
Stephanie Tjho, MD – Kaiser Permanente San Leandro

Class of 2017

Kristen Buono, MD (UC San Diego) – FPMRS Fellowship, University of California, Irvine Medical Center
Bethany Conly, MD (UC Irvine) – Salinas Valley Memorial, Salinas CA
Elisabeth Obenauf, MD (University of New Mexico) – Women’s Specialists of New Mexico
Carrie Riestenberg, MD (UC San Diego) – REI Fellowship, University of California, Los Angeles

Class of 2016

Andrea Bowen, MD (UC Davis) – Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara
Ariel Dubin, MD (Georgetown) – MIS Fellowship, Columbia University
Rebecca Falik, MD, MST (UCSF) – MIS Fellowship, Stanford University
Aldene Zeno, MD (Loyola University) – FPMRS Fellowship, Harbor – University of California, Los Angeles

Class of 2015

Kathryn Gunnison, MD, MS (The Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University) – Kaiser Permanente San Jose
Sarah Hebl, MD, MPH (Tufts University) – Pacific Women’s Group, San Francisco
Michelle Monnie, MD (Oregon Health and Science) – Women’s Healthcare Associates, Portland Oregon
Polina Niedle, MD, MPH (Temple University) – Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara

Class of 2014

Emily Adams-Piper, MD (Boston University School of Medicine) – FPMRS Fellowship, University of California, Irvine
Jennifer Johnson, MD (Wayne State University School of Medicine) – Santa Rosa, CA
Ricci Sylla, MD (University of Toledo College of Medicine) – Castro Valley, CA
Worth Thomas, MD (University of Colorado School of Medicine) – Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara

Class of 2013

Toby Frescholtz, MD (University of Nevada School of Medicine) – Redwood City, CA
Yanina Greenstein, MD (Boston University School of Medicine) – Kaiser Permanente Modesto
Nidhi Jacob, MD (Albany Medical College) – Los Gatos, CA
Whitney March, MD (Northwest University), The Feinberg School of Medicine – Kaiser Permanente Livermore

Class of 2012

Marie Holapfel, MD (University of Washington) – Oncology Fellowship, University of California, Los Angeles
Uyen Huynh, MD (Rosalind Franklin University, Chicago) – Kaiser Permanente Pleasanton
Erika Kwock, MD (University of Hawaii) – Honolulu, HI
Michelle Pham, MD (UC Davis) – Kaiser Permanente Fremont

Class of 2011

Nicole Mahnert, MD (University of Wisconsin) – Shanghai, China
Irene Mason, MD (Drexel University) – Kaiser Permanente Antioch
Kim Pham, MD (Creighton University) – Kaiser Permanente Redwood City
Normelena Rios, MD (USC) – Kaiser Permanente Pleasanton

Class of 2010

Megan Mihok, MD (Chicago Medical School) – Piedmont, CA
Karrie Murphy, MD (UCSD) – Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara
Vanessa Olsen, MD (UCSF) – Kaiser Permanente Fremont
Kimberly Pruett, MD (Boston University) – Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara

Class of 2009

Nicole Bender, MD (USC) – Family Planning Fellowship, University of Southern California
Amy Herold, MD (St. Louis University) – Santa Cruz, CA
Michelle Uaje, MD (UC Irvine) – Woodland Hills, CA
Jessica Wong, MD (University of Kentucky) – Redwood City, CA

Class of 2008

Jennifer Cato , MD (UCSD) – Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara
Claudia Levia, MD (Stanford University)- Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara
Christina Wong, MD (UCLA) – Fremont, CA

Class of 2007

Lisa Chong , MD (Dartmouth) – Los Angeles, CA
Kimberly Lee, MD (USC) – Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara
Noah Rodriguez, MD (Drew UCLA) – Oncology Fellowship, Brigham and Women’s, Harvard University
Amy Voedisch, MD (Mayo Medical School) – Family Planning Fellowship, Stanford University

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