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Legal-Institutional Agreements and Program Letters of Agreement (PLAs)

Program Letters of Agreement (PLAs) are required for every resident/fellow rotation. In addition to the PLA, a Clinical Fieldwork agreement (CFA) (for smaller clinics and community-based organizations) and Institutional Agreements are utilized between a sponsoring institution’s residency/fellowship program and a participating site involved in residency/fellowship education. A sample PLA will include the effective date, persons responsible for education and supervision, resident and fellow responsibilities, policies and procedures and signatures from the sponsoring institution and participating site. Note: Please contact Donna Allen for all PLA submissions and inquiries. Allow 5-6 business days to obtain a signed copy as it needs to be reviewed by Regional GME and approved/signed by Theresa Azevedo-Rousso as KPNC Director & DIO. Please contact Jennie Gomez (UME/GME Paralegal) and Donna Allen for all affiliation agreements questions/inquiries.

Program Administrator role

  • Ensure PLAs are renewed every 10 years for participating sites with required rotations
  • Ensure PLAs are signed and filed in Medtrics for all rotations impacting current residents and fellows
  • Refer to the Resident and Fellow Affiliation Agreement Index in Medtrics for the status of agreements
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