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Policies and Procedures

Resident and Fellow Contracts

Must be renewed and signed each academic year and stored in Resident and Fellow files.


In accordance with ACGME guidelines and KP Regional Graduate Medical Education Policies and Procedures, Residents and Fellows who voluntarily separate from the residency/fellowship are considered to have resigned. A resident/fellow should give written notice to the Program Director at least 30 calendar days prior to resignation. Ensure that final documentation of training for residents/fellows is maintained in the resident file.

Supplemental Employment (Moonlighting)

Supplemental employment outside of the residency or fellowship training program (moonlighting) may be undertaken only by residents in their 3rd year and above and hours involved should not be so excessive as to interfere with the educational purpose of the residency/fellowship program.

Time off

See the policies and procedures manual for recognized holidays that are eligible for time off. Educational leave for the purpose of assisting with maintenance of professional license and/or to upgrade and maintain professional skills may be granted by the Program Director.

Sick Leave

In the event that a resident/fellow is ill or injured, Sick Leave may be used. Residents/Fellows are allowed 13 days of sick leave per anniversary year.

Other Benefits

Food services are available 24 hours a day in the cafeteria or vending machines. Meals will be provided to residents “on-call” in-hospital. Sleep rooms are also provided for in-hospital call duties, as well as lab coats, scrubs, and identification badges. A photo badge must always be worn.

For additional information regarding GME policies and procedures, please review the GME policies and procedures.

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