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Residency and Fellowship Program Director Guide

Most GME Program Administrators will fulfill tasks that are also administered by the Program Director. Roles and responsibilities will depend on the work relationship between the Program Administrator and Program Director. Examples of tasks include entering WebAds data into the Accreditation Data System (ADS) and creating block diagrams and schedules for residents and Fellows in Medtrics.
The Program Director Guide to Common Program Requirements is a helpful guide to common program requirements for Residents and Fellows and can be referred to periodically, throughout each academic year.

Program Administrator role

The role of the Program Administrator will be to ensure that the following program requirements are met.

  • A Program Letter of Agreement (PLA) is on file for each site where Residents and Fellows rotate for required educational experience that is not at the sponsoring institution
  • The PLA must receive DIO approval
  • The PLA is renewed every 10 years
  • Accurate information has been entered in ADS regarding participating sites as well as educational experience

Additional requirements for Fellows

  • Affirm that Fellows who completed residency can practice independently within their core specialty
  • Patient care is undertaken with appropriate Faculty supervision and conditional independence
  • The PLA may identify faculty who are responsible for educational and supervisory responsibilities for Fellows
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