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The purpose of the Clinical Learning Environment Review (CLER) site visit is to provide GME and hospital leaders, and clinical staff with formative feedback aimed at improving patient care. To prepare sites for the CLER site visit and provide a tool that can be used for self-assessment, a Regional GME CLER Report Card and user guide have been created. The purpose of the report card is to provide material for our GME leaders, such as DMEs, to do a high-level self-assessment of the entire clinical learning environment (CLE) at their respective medical center. Not just in preparation of a site visit, but more importantly, for continuous improvement efforts. Program Directors, residents/fellows, and GME staff can be asked to join CLER discussions based on what their GME team is doing.
With a focus on six key areas, (patient safety, healthcare quality, teaming, supervision, well-being, and professionalism), clinical sites will be able to optimize on the delivery of consistently safe, high-quality patient care. Working closely with the GME Program Director, the Program Administrator will perform the following:

  • Schedule planning meetings with program directors and hospital leaders
  • Maintain meeting minutes
  • Update organizational chart for the hospital and/or site and GME department
  • Update accreditation site documents pertaining to patient safety, healthcare quality, teaming, supervision, well-being, and professionalism

The CLER accreditation site visit takes place approximately every 18-30 months for each GME site.

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