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Clinical Competency Committee (CCC) 

Milestones are a set of competencies that are expected for achievement by residents throughout their training. Milestone evaluations assist programs in determining if a resident is “on track” or should be at different points in their training. A subgroup of faculty that are selected by the Program Director comprise the Clinical Competency Committee (CCC), who complete semi-annual performance evaluations for each resident. As a requirement by the ACGME, Milestone evaluations must be reported twice a year and each resident must meet with their program director at the end of the training program to ensure that clinical competency has been met in the milestones for their specialty. The GME Program Administrator will perform the following tasks in preparation for the CCC meetings:

  • Compile and synthesize information into the performance evaluation prior to the CCC meeting
  • Locate and save a copy of rotation evaluations, in-service exam scores, procedure numbers and other valuable data which can be found in Medtrics
  • Send the meeting invitation to attendees and CCC committee members
  • Prepare the meeting agenda
  • Take notes during the meeting which may include performance improvement plans
  • Observe meeting dynamics & provide feedback if needed
  • Report milestone progress to ACGME via WebADS

CCC Meetings will take place in November and April.

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