Mission Statement

The mission of the Kaiser Permanente Global Health Program is to facilitate participation in Global Health experiences in underserved populations around the world for the staff physicians and residents of Kaiser Permanente.

Program Objectives

  • Build relationships with existing international health care programs, medical facilities, and medical schools that enhance the mission of Kaiser Permanente’s Global Health Program and needs of its Global Health partners.
  • Develop and maintain international clinical volunteer opportunities for the clinical staff of Kaiser Permanente
  • Develop and maintain international clinical rotations of quality graduate medical education to the residents of Kaiser Permanente and its academic affiliates.

Background Information

The 1997 Institute of Medicine’s report on “America’s Vital Interest in Global Health” states that “the direct interest of the American people is best served when the U.S. acts decisively to promote health around the world.”  Global health is not synonymous with international health — global health comprises the critical connections between global issues and our own local communities in the U.S. and in California.  This “local global health” component is significant and includes the effects on health of migration, immigration, climate change and clean energy; potential pandemics such as avian flu and the spread of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis; as well as the safety and security of the water we drink and the food we eat.  By facilitating exposure to global health clinical experiences for Kaiser Permanente clinical staff and residents, we add depth and breadth to the clinical capacity of our clinicians, and improve the care we can deliver to our local and global communities.

Kaiser Permanente was founded, in part, based on the principles of social justice.  Physician community service and volunteerism serve not only these principles of social justice, but also our professional commitment as physicians to contribute to the health of the communities we serve, both local and global.  In addition, individuals who are interested in and participate in community service work frequently find these experiences some of the most rewarding and career enhancing experiences of their lives.

Residents who participate in global health rotations share their experience on the Global Health blog. Subscribe to the blog to receive updates.

Global Health Program Staff

Hernando Garzon, MD
Global Health Program Director

Eva E. Ramirez
Project Manager