Young current residents

Regional GME Contacts

Calvin Wheeler, MD
Institutional Director, Graduate Medical Education
Kaiser Permanente Northern California

Theresa Azevedo
Associate Institutional Director, Graduate Medical Education

Michele R Benedict
GME Supervisor

Michelle B Loaiza
GME Project Manager II

Eva E Ramirez
GME Project Manager I

Laura Haynes
GME Lead Program Coordinator

Jennifer Ly
GME Lead Program Coordinator

Resident Council

Resident Council Mission

The Regional Resident Council is comprised of resident representatives to the Institutional Graduate Medical Education Committee (IGMEC). It was created to evaluate local, regional, and systemic issues affecting residents in Kaiser Permanente Northern California-based residency programs. Our goal is to continually look for areas of improvement to enrich the graduate medical education at Kaiser Permanente while ensuring program compliance with ACGME requirements.

The council will also serve as an anonymous forum where residents may present concerns without fear of retribution regarding their local program if their concerns cannot be resolved at the program level, or if regional changes to the Kaiser Graduate Medical Education system are required. This allows residents to have a means of reaching IGMEC and the Designated Institutional Official (DIO) through a direct channel, while retaining personal anonymity.

We also hope to serve as a forum for “best practices”, where residents can share program successes and areas that work well to be integrated into other programs for improvement in our graduate medical educational quality throughout the region.