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Rochelle J Woods, MD
Program Director

Rex Huang, MD
Associate Training Director

Jacob Roth, MD
Chief of Psychiatry

Zhongshu Yang, MD, PhD
Assistant Program Director

David Johnson, MD, PhD
Assistant Program Director

Mariana Markella, MD
Chief of Adult Psychiatry

Susan Imamura, MD
Director of Wellness

Chinyere Ogbonna, MD, MPH
Medical Director of Addiction Medicine & Recovery Services

Anna Piotrowski, MD

Kavitha Raja, MD

Shristi Shah, MD
Medical Director of Regional Autism Spectrum Disorder Clinic

Harjot Bhullar, MD

Honor Hsin, MD, PhD

Jennifer Narvaez, MD
Director of Psychotherapy

Manasi Rana, MD

Samuel Ridout, MD, PhD
Director of Research and Scholarly Activity

Lukuang Lynette Hsu, MD
Assistant Program Director

Andrea Gallardo, MD
Director of Recruitment and Promotion

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