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The rotation curriculum at our residency program highlights the strengths of working and training in the Kaiser–Permanente medical system. There is a breath of experience in depth to both the inpatient and outpatient clinical environments. The DNA of psychiatry training and education at Kaiser Permanente San Jose will include not only an excellent and in-depth psychopharmacology and psychotherapy experience, but will have embedded in it the research and scholarly activity that is the foundation of graduate medical education in the department of research at Kaiser Permanente. Cultural competency and social advocacy as well as quality improvement in social Justice will be threaded throughout the 4 year experience.

The first year is rooted in the basics of medicine and its integration with the brain and bilateral behavioral sciences. Residents will spend 4 months doing inpatient psychiatry at the behavioral health unit at Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara Medical Center. Experiences will include both a 23-hour crisis observation unit as well as an inpatient psychiatry. Also at Santa Clara, 2 months will be spent learning the fundamentals of neurology doing hospital consults covering both the emergency room and medical/surgical wards. At Kaiser Permanente San Jose Ct. rotations and internal medicine and family medicine span 5 months. Addiction psychiatry in our chemical dependency services division round out the year with a two-month rotation that includes groups, outpatient services including medical detox, and hospital consults.

The second year begins their longitudinal clinic but will focus primarily on psychotherapy patients. With the basics of medicine and neurology under you, about 4 months are spent on the med/psych unit at Kaiser Permanente Fremont. 3 months each will be spent on consultation liaison/emergency psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry and geriatric psychiatry. This is a fundamental year to lay the ground work for autonomous practice (with oversight) continue third and fourth years.

The third year of training focuses on the outpatient practice of psychiatry, medical management, brief psychotherapy modalities, and working in our fully integrated medical system. It is a wonderful way to learn how to health is practiced with cutting edge technology, unparalleled resources, and in group practice of close to 100 physicians, psychologists, therapists, and clinical pharmacists. Residents will be embedded in not only our outpatient psychiatry department, but family medicine as well. There is opportunity to also practice in Gilroy (a predominantly Latino population) and Santa Cruz facilities.

The fourth year will include a longitudinal chief resident experience. There is a 2 month required research elective. 5 months will be spent doing community psychiatry at Momentum for mental health which serves clients in Santa Clara County. 6 months will be spent doing a variety of electives.

Review the sample block schedule here:

San Jose Psychiatry Block Sample

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