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Welcome from our Chief Residents

Welcome! Thank you for visiting our residency program website. We are excited to share the unique aspects of our program with you.

Our residency offers a foundation for clinical inquiry and education, leadership development, and collaboration. Our organization has a long and proud history as a national leader in providing quality care for a diverse population of children through innovation, research and scholarship, community involvement, and academic excellence. Most importantly, our training environment embodies a spirit of warmth, friendliness, mentorship, and camaraderie. Our faculty is invested in all aspects of resident education; they provide guidance for professional and personal development to support each learner through an individualized career path.

We know that many factors influence your choice of residency program. Please do not hesitate to connect with us about our program, resident life, or pediatrics as a career. We each have our own unique experiences to share. We wish you the very best of success as you consider the next phase of your learning and career!

Ruby Patel, MD and Arielle Randolph, MD 2018-2019 chief residents/junior faculty

Our residents reflect the greatest strength of our program through their accomplishments, dedication, and commitment to advancing the health of children! Residents join our program from medical schools across the country with terrific success and diversity in their individual experiences. The “culture” of our residency emphasizes collegiality and excellence in a friendly atmosphere, as our residents embody these both in and out of the workplace. There are frequent outings and events including nights out at restaurants, game-night, sporting events, and potluck dinners.

Learn more about our residents (including photos and bios) at our East Bay Members website.

MPH Candidates

PGY Year Resident Medical School
PGY-4 Jennifer Hsu, MD Mayo Medical School
PGY-4 Deepika Parmar, MD University of Missouri

Class of 2019

PGY Year Resident Medical School
PGY-3 James Hall, MD Temple University
PGY-3 (Peds/MPH) Ted Handler, MD MBA Tufts University
PGY-3 Menglu Li, MD George Washington University
PGY-3 Tracy Pham, MD Drew/UCLA
PGY-3 Justine Ngo, MD MHA University of Minnesota
PGY-3 (Peds/MPH) Shweta Sujit, MD Drexel University
PGY-3 Eva Padilla, MD MPH UC Davis
PGY-3 Ryan Palapaz, MD Michigan State University
PGY-3 Albert Robelo, MD UC Davis
PGY-3 Jina Park, MD St.Louis University

Class of 2020

PGY Year Resident Medical School
PGY-2 Lucia An, MD University of Southern California
PGY-2 (Peds/MPH) Samuel Backus, MD University of Washington
PGY-2 Vanessa Boshuizen, MD MPH University of Oklahoma
PGY-2 Anqi Li, MD Hofstra University
PGY-2 Lydia Maleknia, MD University of South Carolina
PGY-2 Kara Mesznik, MD Brown University
PGY-2 (Peds/MPH) Diana Ong, MD University of Massachusetts
PGY-2 Sara Patrizi, DO Touro University Nevada
PGY-2 Vanessa Wong, MD Tufts University

Class of 2021

PGY Year Resident Medical School
PGY-1 Simran Behniwal, DO Touro University, Nevada
PGY-1 (Peds/MPH) Alexia Charles, MD, MSEd George Washington University
PGY-1 Bruce Han, MD University of Colorado
PGY-1 (Peds/MPH) Shawnice Kraeber, MD University of Nevada, Reno
PGY-1 Evelyn Martinez-Salazar, DO Touro University, California
PGY-1 Maura Olcese, MD, MPH Oregon Health & Science University
PGY-1 Catherine Pourdavoud, MD University of California, Davis
PGY-1 Molly Rabinowitz, MD, MPH Oregon Health & Science University
PGY-1 Andrew Saxon, MD Emory University
PGY-1 Kathryn Stephenson, MD, MS Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth
PGY-1 Mengyou Wu, MD University of California, San Diego

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