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Welcome Message from our Leadership

On behalf of our entire department and our comprehensive care teams, welcome to Kaiser Permanente East Bay Pediatrics! Since 1957, our department and Kaiser Permanente have prioritized resident education through our unique and diverse learning environment. With dedicated pediatric faculty in outpatient, inpatient, subspecialty, surgical, emergency and critical care disciplines, we are proud of our mission to educate tomorrow’s pediatric providers. Whether at our brand new medical center in Oakland, a member of the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) and the National Association of Children’s Hospitals and Related Institutions (NCHRI), or at any of our ambulatory, community, or affiliated sites, our residents and faculty together reflect our passion and drive for excellence in the academic clinical learning environment. Our focus is on collaborative learning driven by inquiry, best practices, and continuous improvement. We are proud of our accomplishments and look forward to our growth and continued success. We invite you to explore these further as you visit our website and our residency training program!
Elio Gizzi, MD, Assistant Physician-in-Chief of General Pediatrics
Jorge Gutierrez, MD, Assistant Physician-in-Chief Pediatric Services

Rebecca Chasnovitz, MD
Program Director

Heather Caputo, MD

Heather Caputo, MD
Associate Program Director - Curriculum & Program Improvement

Lauren Hartman, MD
Associate Program Director - Mentorship & Advising

Elizabeth Hayes, MD
Associate Program Director- Ambulatory & Community Pediatrics

Nami Jhaveri, MD

Nami Jhaveri, MD, MPH
Associate Program Director - Recruitment, Diversity, Inclusion, & MPH

Amit Malhotra, MD

Amit Malhotra, MD
Associate Program Director - Faculty Development & Scholarship

Rina Shah, MD
Associate Program Director - Curriculum & Program Improvement

Lisa Goodman, MD
Faculty Lead – Wellness

Lisa Turman, MD, MPH
Faculty Lead – Community & Advocacy

Dan Shaked, MD
Faculty Lead – PICU

Mary Spiller, MD
UCSF Clerkship Site Director, KLIC Pediatrics Director

Ritu Patel, MD
UCSF Clerkship Site Director, Pediatric Hospitalist Fellowship Director

Abhay Dandekar, MD

Abhay Dandekar, MD
Faculty Lead - Quality/Process Improvement

Elio Gizzi, MD

Elio Gizzi, MD
Chief of Outpatient Pediatrics, Assistant Physician-in-Chief; Kaiser Permanente Oakland

Jorge Gutierrez, MD

Jorge Gutierrez, MD
Chief of Inpatient Pediatrics, Assistant Physician-in-Chief, Kaiser Permanente Oakland

Subspecialty Faculty

Strong dedication to clinical teaching and mentorship are highly prioritized through direct interaction with all of our staff physicians. Kaiser Permanente East Bay Pediatrics has approximately 120 full time staff pediatricians including general inpatient and outpatient pediatricians, pediatric subspecialists, and pediatric surgical subspecialists. See below for a list of our full breadth of pediatric subspecialists who work one-on-one with our residents every day.

Kaiser Permanente Oakland Pediatrics Subspecialty Faculty

Faculty supporting our residents at graduation
Faculty supporting our residents at graduation
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