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Physician Wellness

Our program values wellness and a healthy work/life balance. We believe that doctors who take care of themselves take better care of their patients. With a humane schedule, strict adherence to ACGME Resident Work Hours requirements, and supportive faculty, we ensure that our residents “thrive.” Our faculty act as role models, encouraging healthy, balanced lifestyles. Our Wellness initiatives include:

Reflection and Personal Growth

  • Regularly scheduled, protected Personal and Professional Development (P&PD) sessions facilitated by a skilled behaviorist to provide check-in and support during this dramatic time of growth and experience
  • Monthly facilitated Balint group to better understand the clinician-patient relationship and enhance residents’ abilities to connect with and care for patients

Mind-Body Health

  • Our integrative medicine curriculum includes time for self-reflection, personal health goal setting, and respect for the body, mind, and spiritual aspects of the resident experience
  • Learn more about spirituality in medicine with the hospital chaplain and palliative care team
  • Support for reflective writing, creative arts, music, and other tools for self-inquiry and insight
  • Training in mind-body techniques such as guided visualization, meditation, and yoga
  • HeartMath training

Healthy Eating

  • Healthy cafeteria selections and many healthy options at nearby restaurants and supermarkets
  • Year round local farmers markets, or you can cultivate your own year round garden plot at our medical center with the support of iGrow Sonoma County!

Exercise and Fitness

  • Two employee gyms on campus and regional stipend for gym membership
  • Biking to work is highly encouraged with bike lanes and plenty of secure bike parking
  • Nature beckons for year round outdoor activities: biking on the many miles of gorgeous Sonoma County scenic roadways; hiking, trail running, and mountain biking in the 950 acres of local Sonoma County Regional Parks; kite flying and beach walking along the stunning Sonoma Coastline; skiing/snowboarding in nearby Tahoe; and numerous lakes, rivers, and nearby whitewater for kayaking, rafting, tubing, and swimming.

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